True Love vs: Infatuation

True love is a principle not a feeling of attraction that is here today and gone tomorrow; but most of all it is a choice that one intentionally makes when the romantic feelings have vanished into thin air.

I Am a Dog Hear Me Bark

I am a dog man’s best friend
hear me bark
so much the louder
then the feminists can roar

I am a dog watch my tail wag
excitedly back and forth
each and every time
a well-stacked girl walks by

I am a dog yes its true
always willing to share my house
with my ever present master
whenever his wife kicks him out the door

I am a dog and always shall be
a running do I cheerfully come
when called to play a game of fetch 
if only to catch a stick between my teeth

I am a dog hear me bark all night long
singing the praises of my master
bragging to all the other dogs nearby
keeping the neighbors up all night

Yep I am a dog about it not a thing I can do
so accept the fact I’m man’s best friend
hear me bark, bark and bark so much the louder
then the self absorbed feminists can roar

How Straight Men Express Their Inner Gay Man*

There are several ways in which straight men express their inner gay man. Here are just a few of them:

1) Watching football or any other game during which men complete against each other by playing with their balls.

2) Wrestling: Where else can straight males watch nearly naked males feel each other up and still maintain the false plausibility of the facade of heterosexuality?

3) Reading Sports Illustrated and/or the sports section of the daily newspaper which feature the men who make their fame and fortune by playing with their balls.

4) Smoking cigarettes and/or cigars as well as sucking on Tootsie Roll Pops or Dum Dum suckers which double as phallic symbols of the male sexual organ. The enjoyment of which is an excellent means of practicing the techniques of pleasuring that special man in your life. While hard candies such as peppermints, butterscotch and other assorted flavors double as phallic symbols of the male testes.

So go ahead and enjoy yourself fellows for ya know what they say practice makes perfect.

*There was a time when I was openly taunted and accused of being Gay because I was a vegetarian who didn’t eat meat and cared nothing about sports or hunting or fishing.

I have no problem or beef with those who do enjoy those activities.

On the other hand I do have a problem with those who insist that sports, the deliberate killing of animals and eating meat define those; who participate in them as masculine and accuse those who show no interest in these activities as non masculine or gay.

It is exceedingly dangerous to taunt and falsely accuse a Poet like myself since I will not hesitate to turn an argument or concept inside out: Thereby creating an intellectual meme or virus that I will use without mercy to strike at the attacking individuals sense of self.

As Is Woman So Is Society

The state
Of society reflects the state
Of woman

When she
Is disciplined and knows
Her place

Seeks to fulfill
Her biological role within
The family unit

The outward
Society stabilizes – grows
And florishes

On the other hand:

When woman is
Left undisciplined – forsakes her
Place in the family

Takes on the
Role of a man for which she is
Not designed

Encouraged to
Run wild allowed to rule over
Her husband

Chaos ensues
The outward society begins
To destabilize

Starts to crumble as it
Ever so slowly falls downward into
The trash bin of history