Sith Lords and Decepticons

Conservative Republicans
Are indeed facists – economic terrorists
In league with wall street

They pave the road
For greedy bankers whose goal is to steal
From the rest of us

They lure their
Supporters with the heroin of a tax cut
Conceal the bubble

Their Policies create
The inevitable recession out of sight hehind
Smoke and mirrors

If He’s A Cad Then She’s A Whore

All across this great land
there are those who like to judge
declaring in their infinite bigotry
that Gray Condit is a Cad

So easily do they ignore the fact
that even though she is a bodacious babe
Chandra Levey was still a twenty-four year old adult
who chose to sleep with another woman’s husband

With her eyes wide open
she shucked off her robe of feminine purity
bragging to her Aunt back home
like a boy she even kept score

Just like Monica whose only claim to fame
was to give President Clinton some head
upon a pedestal the media have placed
a fallen woman they worship like a goddess

Now in order to be honest and fair
there is a word for women such as these
so if Gary Condit is indeed a cad
then Chandra Levey is nothing less than a whore