We Are Men!

We Are Men! We are the ones
Who build the bridges, pave the roads
Take off garbage, lay water pipes
Who do the dirty jobs no one wants to do

We Are Men! We are doctors, EMT’s
Other health care professionals
When you are hurt in terrible pain
We do more than kiss and make it well

We Are Men! We are soldiers
We fly the planes, sail the ships
And drive the tanks – we take the bullets
Die in droves to keep America free

We Are Men! We get depressed
Are the majority of the homeless
Commit suicide more often – whom
You ignore could care less about

We Are Men! We are the ones
Feminists love to hate, disrespect
Make fun of – they call us toxic
For indeed they have no shame


The devil is a
Black widow spider who catches
Men in her web

She is a siren who
lures her prey – unwary males upon
The rocks of despair

With a flashy smile a
Bit of cleavage – a shake of her tail
She draws men astray

Casts them aside
When she’s through using them
Takes all they have

Leaves em broken
Hearted – their bank accounts empty
For another fool