Believing Her Took My Father’s Life

My father chose
To believe my stepmother thought my
Accusations false

As a result she
Made my life miserable and in the end
My father she

Deliberately murdered
By infecting him with the hepatitis C
Virus – didn’t tell him

With an untimely
Death my father’s faith in her word
Twas rewarded


She did her best to
Diminish him and steal his soul – to
Make him her slave

Until the morning he
Gazed into the mirror rediscovered
His cajonies left her

Where she belongs
In the past – the dustbin of his very
Own Personal history

She did her best to
Clip his wings – lock him in a cage
Without her he soars

A Modest Proposal

Every few weeks it is reported in the media that a female teacher has been accursed of raping one or more of her male understage students.

Perhaps it is time to begin monitoring female teachers twenty-four hours seven days a week.

To ban all social interactions between underage male students and female teachers.

The male student(s) involved should always be believed while the accused female teacher involved should be required to prove her innocence.

For after all underage male students never ever lie about being sexually harassed nor make up stories of being raped.

Feminine Immodesty = Sexual Harassment

Dressing immodestly
Is indeed a type of sexual harassment
A form of visual rape

If I as a man
Am to be forbidden to look/comment
Then I do not

Want to see that
Which should be reserved for the eyes
Of your husband

All the more the
Safest policy for me is to avoid contact
With all women

When out and
About in public unless my wife is there
All of the time

All Men Are Guilty!

The #MeToo Movement is not just an attack on all men, as the attempt to prevent Judge Kannavagh from being nominated to the Supreme Court with false accusations of sexual misconduct has shown, it is a direct attack on “Due Process” and the “Rights of the Accused” protected by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and enshrined in American jurisprudence.

The only thing standing between the complete takeover of our society and government by the feminists, their identity politics and unhinged supporters is the “Rule of Law”.

Without the Rule of Law the feminists allies within the Democratic party would be able to impose their own brand of racism and sexism on our nation. Just as they have done so through left leaning appointments to the judical bench over the last several decades.

Nor will they stop at the murder of an innocent child within it’s mother’s womb; they will begin prosecuting their war against all men by going after the dreaded white male. Only then, once the white males who opposed and stood up to them have been not only marginalized but subjugated and enslaved or outright murdered, will they show their true colors by turning on the remaining men who supported them and carried out their orders to commit proxy violence on their brothers.