The Point of No Return

She wanted to
control the poet’s life
his each and
every waking moment
the time he
spent with his friends
the books he
loved to buy and read
the tv shows he
so enjoyed watching
the poems
and short stories he
loved to write
so he flat out told her
to go away
told her “Don’t let the door
hit yo ass!”
as he tossed her right
out of his
life with nothing but
the clothes
upon her sorry backside
kicked his
former flame now gone
cold and bitchy
to the curb began his life
all over again

Hanging On For Dear Life

Life is bittersweet the reality
never seems
to quite measure up to one’s
chosen fantasy
often leading to unreasonable
expectations far
more often then to happiness
all one can
do is to hang on tight during
the frequent
storms in order to prevent being
blown away
becoming overwhelmed by the
clouds of despair
until the sun comes back out


Why does living with my wife
have to always be a battle and a march
why do we have to fight over each and every issue
instead of living in peace with each other

Why can’t my wife just let me be
if not admire me at least accept me
why can’t she understand that I will never
make her the absolute center of my life

If only she could accept all of me
both my light and dark sides faults and all
an anchor for my troubled soul she could become
instead of fleeing into orbit around her I’d gladly go

No longer do I want to argue with my wife
nor into the arms of another woman flee
but if she keeps pushing me towards the cliffs edge
another woman I might bed just to spite her

My wife knows full well that I outright hate
demanding, controlling and arrogant females
that’s why I hated my stepmothers so intensely
to this day can’t stand my sister-in-laws

So why does my wife insist on acting like one
oh how I wish she could truly see herself as I see her
come face to face with who she has chosen to be
to stop pushing me down a road that I don’t wish to go

The Pivotal Moment

Not long
After the birth of my son
I found

Myself standing
Beside the baby crib in our bedroom
Gazing down at

My son as he lay
Asleep unaware of the argument I’d just
Had with his mom

When the thought
Occurred to me: This is what my mother put
My dad through

At that moment
My heart understood my dad better than
It ever had before

The sympathy for
My mom evaporated from my heart
Never to return

Banging My Head Against A Wall

Talking to my wife like talking to my parents
is like banging my head up against a wall
why I even keep on trying to explain myself
is beyond my own comprehension

How I wish that instead of getting married
the dreams of my youth I’d followed
how hopelessly trapped I can’t help but feel
a prisoner of someone’s else’s dreams

To keep from losing my only child and son
have I paid too high a price
my marriage now doomed to dissolution
no longer do I have the will to save

How sad but true in this day and age
to keep from being controlled
told what I can and can not say or do
away from women forever I must stay

Doomed to live and die alone
no longer do I care anymore
give me liberty or give me death
Patrick Henry once demanded

Perhaps when at last I’m gone
my wife and family will then care
nope not a snowballs chance in hell
what they can’t get from me they’ll mourn

True Love vs: Infatuation

True love is a principle not a feeling of attraction that is here today and gone tomorrow; but most of all it is a choice that one intentionally makes when the romantic feelings have vanished into thin air.