The Mother of All Pearls Part Three

Dearest Nan

This comment is the reason you are so special to me, why I can’t bare seeing you hurt so deeply and why I can’t turn my back on you and walk away when you have need of my friendship.

In all the years I have written about what happened to my family you are the only woman who ever expressed empathy and compassion by saying you were sorry for what had happened to us.

In spite of your own great pain – how deeply you have been hurt by others.

You have no idea just how much your words impressed me at the time.

It is the reason I chose to love you (in spite of my own vow to never love another woman again I made the last time a woman broke my heart) in any capacity you could accept and why I will never stop loving you as a friend.

Not only did you touch my heart and restore my ability to love again but you taught me how to love truly.

You gave me the opportunity to grow another step beyond the anger and vindictiveness fueled by emotional pain.

To do the opposite of what my deceitful heart was telling me to do – to stop myself from reacting by lashing out.

For the first time in my life I really had to think things through and act accordingly; in order to be the true friend you needed me to be as well as to be true to myself and my ideals.

Thank you so much for reaching out to me and touching my heart.

But especially for being yourself and the gift of your friendship.

The Mother of All Pearls (the piece of your heart) that resides safely within the Treasure Box of my heart.

Love Dabbie

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 One Final Note:

The day Nan left her comment on my blog was five days before one of my ribs popped out of its socket.

Requiring me to spend the following 5 to 6 weeks out of work – 3 of those weeks in extreme pain as I could not sneeze or cough without hurting.

That event and the pain with it turned out to be blessing and the best time of my life (the only exception being the birth of my son) because it was during that time that my friendship with Nan began.

She was with me through that painful time in my life.

A Tangle of Weeds

“One always runs the risk of weeping, if one lets himself be tamed….It is such a secret place – the land of tears” – The Little Prince, who continues to inspire me.


If you knew just how many pieces of my heart lie scattered around here, you’d judge my character. I have given little bits to everyone I have been attracted to. I still do. They all have a piece of me, that they use at their will and I let them. I am not afraid of being judged. I am an incorrigible flirt. It all boils down to the void in me, that creeped up with the failure of my first love and now aggravated by the departure of someone I was deeply in love with, for the second time in my life.

I am a loner in real life, as against virtual screens. I have cut off…

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No better
Subject can there be for my
Love poems

Than you
My dearest and very
Best Friend


A Tangle of Weeds

“So am I the subject of your love poems?”
“Oh baby, but you are the object and the verb too; you are my entire sentence”
“How grammatically romantic!”

©Nandita Manan Yata.

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Man’s Relationship with Money: a Mess

Actually men make money to afford an expensive lifestyle in order to attract beautiful women.

A Woman’s outside beauty indicates her fertility and ability to have children.

Genetic celebrities or Golddiggers as they are called and/or referred to are complicit in these types of arrangements.

Because they are willingly selling their time, sexuality and sexual services to the highest bidder.

Looks and age of the male in question do not matter only his social status and financial success.

As she can always boff the slim and trim beefcake known as the pool guy (used to be the milkman when milk was delivered to homes instead of sold in stores as it is today) when her financial prey is looking the other way.



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Living a Love Story


Living a Dream Come True

No need
To lie tell you empty

I’d simply
Do what’s necessary
Kill or die

Into your
Eyes I would willingly gaze
For eternity

Within my
Dreams your always just
Out of reach

Still into
Your ear I’ll whisper my

Send shivers
Up and down your back
And all over

Enfold you
Within my words carefully

Make love to
You within the soft glow
Of moonlight

Our souls
Entwined upon a cloud
Of passion

Holding on to
This tender moment for as
Long as possible

Daydreaming of
You until the sun goes down my
Eyes fall asleep

Find myself
Once again tasting the honey
Of your kisses

A Tangle of Weeds

Won’t you bake me a pie, feed me with a sweet lie
When I ask you if it’s me still, you’d die for or kill

Come closer come near, rest your lips on my ear
Speaks words in whispers, in that voice that sends shivers

Adorn my black tresses, with some colourful irises
And I will close my eyes, till the fragrance dies

When the flowers wilt, they will have witnessed passion at its hilt
Even as we let it linger, in our minds and hearts stronger

You spend an eternity, on exploring this fantasy
With the crevices nooks and corners of my lips alone

Another eon spent in delving, into my eyes now sparkling
With the magic spilling, passion flowers consummating

I live a love story in my head, every time I get to my bed
My dreams tenderly unrobe, as your desires so furiously probe

©Nandita Manan Yata

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The True Face of Gender Equality

Men are
Supposed to stay strong
And silent

Even when
Their legs are being cut
Out from

Beneath them
Inch by bloody inch by life’s
Pruning knife

Yet everyone
Runs to rescue a woman who
Breaks a nail

They’ll hug
Her and make her well
Even as they

Walk by the
Man cut down lying within
His own blood

Unfortunately this is indeed what true gender equality looks like; and it is exactly what the feminists wanted in the first place.