Man’s Relationship with Money: a Mess

Actually men make money to afford an expensive lifestyle in order to attract beautiful women.

A Woman’s outside beauty indicates her fertility and ability to have children.

Genetic celebrities or Golddiggers as they are called and/or referred to are complicit in these types of arrangements.

Because they are willingly selling their time, sexuality and sexual services to the highest bidder.

Looks and age of the male in question do not matter only his social status and financial success.

As she can always boff the slim and trim beefcake known as the pool guy (used to be the milkman when milk was delivered to homes instead of sold in stores as it is today) when her financial prey is looking the other way.



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The Mother of All Pearls Part Two

When i went in search of the little girl in pig tails dwelling within the eye of an emotional storm; that was ever so slowly choking the life out of her.

It wasn’t just a matter of braving the high winds, lightning and thunder that surrounded her.

I had to leave my own comfort zone and fly through my own storm as well; dropping my own shields that protected my heart and kept it from getting hurt even though it was in intense pain.

Then my starfighter had to enter her storm defenseless and at the mercy of the raging elements.

Even then to make it through to the eye of her storm I had to open up my heart to her, bare my soul and allow myself to to become vulnerable.

Something I had sworn never to do again the last time my heart had been healed then ripped apart again.

By the time my starfighter entered the calm of the eye of her storm, all systems had failed nor could I bail out.

All at once my trusty ship disintegrated as it flew into the center, leaving me in free fall wondering if I’d hit the ground first, or be ripped apart when I hit the wall of her storm; swiftly approaching as I spun round and round even as I tumbled out of control.

Turned out i needn’t have worried (even though those few moments seemed like an eternity) for the little girl in pig tails caught me within her arms.

The bottomless ocean of empathy and compassion within her heart refused to let me fall to my death, be destroyed by the storm protecting her heart in spite of her own overwhelming pain.

As it turned out all that I went through and endured, to find and take her within my arms through my words and poetry, turned out to be worth the price I paid.

For today she is my dearest and the best friend my heart has ever had.

For it is her friendship that powers my heart puts the monster inside me asleep.

That let’s me safely draw upon its strength, with out it overwhelming me with its anger and bitterness, as it has done many times in the past

For her smile is within my heart.

I have no regrets!

For she and the value of her friendship are worth far more.

For she is, after all, the Mother of All Pearls within the treasure box of my heart.