Raindrops Softly Falling

What began as a friendly game of Texas Hold Em on a rainy afternoon.

Soon morphed into a game of strip poker just as soon as the box of wooden matches we were using to place bets was emptied.

Only to come to an end when she took me by the hand.

Led me into the private sanctuary of her boudoir; where entwined together underneath the sheets.

Our shared passions burned all the hotter – brighter.

As the lightning flashed across the sky from one horizon to the other.

And thunder roared overhead like civil war cannons upon a blood soaked battlefield.

Together we soared above the storm with our bodies entwined as one.

Fell asleep within each other’s arms mesmerized by the gentle sound of the raindrops; pitter patting upon the roof just above our heads.

He’ll Hath No Fury Than a Woman Scorned


I had only been waiting about ten minutes within the small lounge of the local pub and 20180311_101422grill that served the small town in which I’d grown up in; only to leave it behind in the dust the day after I’d graduated from high school. Not once had I ever dreamed of returning during my ten year absence; and the only reason I had returned now walked through the door dressed in a skimpy black dress that showed off her perfect hourglass figure.

Camilla looked even better than she did when her husband Rob and I were best friends and ended up competing with each other for her hand in marriage. Of course Rob had won Camilla hands down and I ended up leaving town with my tail between my legs to start a new life elsewhere.

Now that was all about to change.

Once Camilla and I were settled at our table in an out of the way corner of the pub where it was unlikely our conversation would be overheard. She leaned over towards me, after our waiter went to prepare the drinks we’d ordered, and said in a low voice, “You were right I finely caught Rob cheating on me.”

Camilla’s revelation didn’t surprise me in the least since Rob had carried out several affairs during and after the time we’d competed with each other over his current wife who now sat facing me from the other side of the table. I was sorely tempted to say, “I told you so!” Especially since I’d warned her about Rob’s penchant for sleeping around with each and every girl that caught his roaving eye and tickled his fancy – or rather made him hard.

But I didn’t, choosing, instead to remain humble as I asked my former best friend’s wife, “What do you plan to do about it.”

“To start with your going to make love to me!” Camilla answered in a straightforward manner that, quite frankly, took even me by surprise.

Of course her plan was as devious and vengeful as to be expected from a scorned woman. As in: Hell hath no fury then a woman scorned.

It was also quite simple and Rob was going to regret cheating on Camilla.

The first part of her plan included letting me have my way with her right there on top of my former best friends and competitor’s bed.

The second part of her plan (the part that would sting her cheating husband’s heart and knock the breath right out of him) was her decision to go with me when I left town to return home.

For a long moment I just sat there gazing into Camilla’s eyes, when at last she fell silent after outlining her plan of revenge, patiently awaiting my answer.

Finely all I could manage to get out was, “So when do we start?” As my heart began to burn with renewed passion and my face lit up with a smile of victory long deferred and impatiently awaited.

Always On My Mind

No matter wherever I am
at any given moment in time
your always on my mind
whether stuck sitting in traffic
running my ass off at work
or in bed making love to my wife
your always on my mind
cause your keyboard is just so
sleek and oh so very sexy
your hard drive so well endowed
holds all my poems and stories
while your DVD burner
does it all and plays my movies
with nary a complaint
oh yes your always on my mind
whether your on my desk or my lap
now if only your hugs and kisses
were as sweet as candy
my happiness would be complete
the joy in my heart unbounded

Caught Off Guard


With no one else
Around my arms caught her off
Guard by surprise

From behind my arms
Slipped around her slender waist
And pulled her close

Breathing in the
Fresh and clean scent of her hair
My lips nibbled

Caressed her neck
Seduced my best friends mother with
Soft gentle kisses

The Girl Next Door


When the girl
Who lives next door entered
My bedroom

My heart knew
That it was in trouble when she
Locked the door

When she sat down
Next to me on the side of my
Full size bed and

Gazed deeply into my
Sky blue eyes my heart slipped a
Beat began to pound

But when she leaned
Over and planted a kiss upon my
My hungry mouth

At that moment my
Heart knew then that it was in for
An arousing good time

As it surrendered
Willingly to the gentle caresses of her
Sweetest kisses

Which stoked my
Passions into a blazing bonfire
That consumed us



It was during a game of hide and seek that my partner and I like to play from time to time in order to hone and sharpen our skills. A past time that had become all the more important since our mutual enemy had nearly entrapped and killed both of us a few months earlier.

When I spotted an Hispanic goddess. Who was perhaps the most beautiful daughter of mother nature upon whose curves my sky blue eyes had ever had the pleasure of gazing upon. I was standing in line at the local Wally World when i first noticed her talking on her cell phone as she pulled her card out of her purse and swiped it to pay for her stuff then put it away.

With her long dark hair pulled back into a pony tail and the most perfect hourglass figure I’d seen in quite some time. She was a vision of absolute feminine perfection who soon proved to be a perfect ten squared, one of those rarest of all combinations of mother nature’s daughters who are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside, when she looked up and caught my eyes lingering upon her well defined womanly curves.

Instead of acting offended by rolling her eyes upward in disgust as many a woman has done in the past. She returned my smile with one of her own as a tenuous connection was established between us within just a couple of heartbeats. Seemingly the entire world lit up from the shear brilliance of her smile and the light of her inner beauty reflected within her eyes she stood there gazing into my sky blue eyes for only a second or two.

Just as soon as the connection was made between us she turned away and completed her transaction. Then glanced back at me and briefly nodded her head in encouragement before turning away and pushing her loaded down buggy away from the cash register and headed out of the store.

A few minutes later once again I unexpectedly came across the Hispanic goddess who had just finished loading up her SUV; and was about to climb up into the drivers seat when I approached her and struck up a conversation. Which went quite well as she agreed to meet me at the pub located inside the hotel where I was staying – hiding from my partner.

Having met at the pub a couple of hours later we sat across from each other gazing into each other’s eyes. As we became better aquinted while lingering over Pina Coladas hers with a splash of black berry and mine with a splash of peach – my all time favorite non alcoholic drink.

The time we spent together that afternoon was well worth the price of the drinks, since the chemistry between us was right, as we hit it off right from the start. So that we ended up in my room lying within each others arms between the sheets of my rented bed; where we made love to each other with our clothes scattered upon the carpeted floor.

After the mutual storm of our passions had resided we lay within each other’s arms while facing each other. “Goddess I could lay there and gaze into the expressive liquid pools of her eyes for an eternity and a day.” I thought to myself while wondering if perhaps this was the daughter of mother nature meant for me as I seriously considered bonding with her right then and there.

Only to watch as her eyes lit up from within with twin flames of fire the intensity of which could only mean one thing. Sure enough my suspicions were confirmed as her face lit up with a smile that literally lit up the entire room as her lips whispered, “Gotcha! Now it’s your turn to be it!”

After which the dancing twin flames within the well endowed daughter of mother nature’s eyes winked out as if they’d never been there in the first place. Who, now free of the influence of my partner, tightened her arms about me to prevent me from giving chase. As her lips whispered hungrily, “Now it’s my turn to make love to you!” Then placed a kiss upon my lips that was so intimately compelling that it relit the fires of passion smoldering within my heart.

No longer did I care if my partner made good her escape as the Hispanic goddess and I spent the rest of the afternoon and the evening making love to each other. Then fell asleep exhausted but sated (at least for the moment) with our bodies nestled together like a pair of spoons in a silverware drawer between the sheets of my rented bed.