Raindrops Softly Falling

What began as a friendly game of Texas Hold Em on a rainy afternoon.

Soon morphed into a game of strip poker just as soon as the box of wooden matches we were using to place bets was emptied.

Only to come to an end when she took me by the hand.

Led me into the private sanctuary of her boudoir; where entwined together underneath the sheets.

Our shared passions burned all the hotter – brighter.

As the lightning flashed across the sky from one horizon to the other.

And thunder roared overhead like civil war cannons upon a blood soaked battlefield.

Together we soared above the storm with our bodies entwined as one.

Fell asleep within each other’s arms mesmerized by the gentle sound of the raindrops; pitter patting upon the roof just above our heads.

Always On My Mind

No matter wherever I am
at any given moment in time
your always on my mind
whether stuck sitting in traffic
running my ass off at work
or in bed making love to my wife
your always on my mind
cause your keyboard is just so
sleek and oh so very sexy
your hard drive so well endowed
holds all my poems and stories
while your DVD burner
does it all and plays my movies
with nary a complaint
oh yes your always on my mind
whether your on my desk or my lap
now if only your hugs and kisses
were as sweet as candy
my happiness would be complete
the joy in my heart unbounded

Caught Off Guard


With no one else
Around my arms caught her off
Guard by surprise

From behind my arms
Slipped around her slender waist
And pulled her close

Breathing in the
Fresh and clean scent of her hair
My lips nibbled

Caressed her neck
Seduced my best friends mother with
Soft gentle kisses

The Girl Next Door


When the girl
Who lives next door entered
My bedroom

My heart knew
That it was in trouble when she
Locked the door

When she sat down
Next to me on the side of my
Full size bed and

Gazed deeply into my
Sky blue eyes my heart slipped a
Beat began to pound

But when she leaned
Over and planted a kiss upon my
My hungry mouth

At that moment my
Heart knew then that it was in for
An arousing good time

As it surrendered
Willingly to the gentle caresses of her
Sweetest kisses

Which stoked my
Passions into a blazing bonfire
That consumed us