Underneath the Stars

As she gazed
Into his eyes her fate she could
Not escape

Lured into his
Arms by the sound of his voice
She relented

His kiss her lips
Returned as she fell beneath his
Hypnotic spell

As she sighed
And moaned within his embrace
Her soul arose

Caressed his
Tongue – made him immortal in
The moonlight

In the Dark of Night

Once upon a time
We were strangers who shared a night of
Unrequited passion

Who gazed into
Each others eyes – shared a stolen kiss in
The dark of night

Held on to each
Other until the break of dawn – parting at
Mornings light

Now we are fading
Memories in each other’s minds – a dream
In the dark of night

Kiss O’Death

Her eyes were
Cold and dead – behind her smile
Hid her intentions

While her curves
Drew him – his fate was sealed by
Her sweetest kiss

Within her arms
All he found was a living death His
Essence drained

Each time they
Made love he grew older while she
Grew younger

Good Luck

My heart desires
A Woman who likes to play – wants
To be my boy toy

Yet isn’t a
Shrinking violet when it comes to

Ever willing to
Accept the consequences of her
Own choices

Whatever they
May be – she doesn’t hide – deals
With her pain

Refuses to blame
Me by default when she doesn’t
Get her own way

Yep my heart
Desires a real women – strong
Enough to endure

Not a spoiled brat
Far too many of today’s modern
Women chose to be