Kiss O’Death

Her eyes were
Cold and dead – behind her smile
Hid her intentions

While her curves
Drew him – his fate was sealed by
Her sweetest kiss

Within her arms
All he found was a living death His
Essence drained

Each time they
Made love he grew older while she
Grew younger

A Note to Trolls

Desperately needing a break I closed my blogs under this username for two reasons:

I had allowed myself to fall for someone here on WordPress who as it turned out was unworthy of my friendship. So I left for awhile until I could flush her out of my system as well as my heart.

Then someone from Twitter wandered onto my blog and left a comment falsely accusing me of promoting the sexual abuse of women. Not only was the accusation without any merit what so ever it was one of the nastiest personal attacks I have ever received on any of my blogs.

Personal attacks, otherwise known as flaming, I neither engage in nor allow on any of my blogs. That said I do enjoy, from time to time, spirited debates with those who disagree with me. The only time I turn off comments is when I find the conversation running in circles, going over the same arguments over and over again endlessly, like a dog chasing his tail.

One thing I never ever do is delete the comments of those who disagree with me – leaving personal attacks intact even after blocking those individuals who left them.

Always giving back as good as I get or receive.

On the other hand I am neither a dim-bulb (democrat) nor a repugnant (republican) and I will skewer on the sword of my pen; any and all intellectual perverts (left leaning socialists or right leaning conservatives) who falsely accuse me of racism or promoting the sexual abuse of women.

Feel free to disagree with me if you must…

Flirt if you feel like it…

Attack only if your a masochist who desires to feel the wrath of the photon torpedoes and phasers of my words before I block you…

Dabir Dalton

We Are Men!

We Are Men! We are the ones
Who build the bridges, pave the roads
Take off garbage, lay water pipes
Who do the dirty jobs no one wants to do

We Are Men! We are doctors, EMT’s
Other health care professionals
When you are hurt in terrible pain
We do more than kiss and make it well

We Are Men! We are soldiers
We fly the planes, sail the ships
And drive the tanks – we take the bullets
Die in droves to keep America free

We Are Men! We get depressed
Are the majority of the homeless
Commit suicide more often – whom
You ignore could care less about

We Are Men! We are the ones
Feminists love to hate, disrespect
Make fun of – they call us toxic
For indeed they have no shame

All the Sooner

Ever since
She left gave her heart
To another

Took her drama
With her my heart has
Been at peace

My nights are
Quiet – undisturbed no
Longer lonely

How my heart
Wishes she’d left all that
Much sooner


The devil is a
Black widow spider who catches
Men in her web

She is a siren who
lures her prey – unwary males upon
The rocks of despair

With a flashy smile a
Bit of cleavage – a shake of her tail
She draws men astray

Casts them aside
When she’s through using them
Takes all they have

Leaves em broken
Hearted – their bank accounts empty
For another fool