The Fall of Woman

to rise above the role in
which the
Father Above had placed
her gender

The mother
of the human race found
herself falling
short of the glory of her

of being Adam’s equal
Eve found
herself in subjection to
her husband

All because
she listened to the lies of a
serpent seduced
her husband into eating
forbidden fruit


He is the friend
All of us needs most of all – yet
Many spurn him

The companion
Who should stand beside us – whose
Guidance will

Ennoble those who
Seek the counsel of his wisdom – for his
Name is Compassion

Like Mother Like Daughter

It can
truly be said in regards to
modern day Eves that the

Did not
fall very far from the tree
for like
their mother in the garden
of Eden

Who fell
for the subtle lies of a
serpent they
continue to fall for lies

Within their
ears by the god of this world
into the abyss
they march in lockstep with
the feminists

Beliving the
myth that a woman can
be or do any
thing a man is required
to be or do

They deny
their femininity by cutting
off their hair
take on the worst attributes
of men

of standing by their husbands
their children – their duties

Them by
the Father Above they neglect
distroy their
husbands with false accusations
in a divorce

The child
gestating within their wombs
willfully they
murder – seek self fulfillment
in a career

Instead of
developing a meek and quiet
spirit which
is of great price in the sight
of our Creator

They whine
moan and groan just like children
and pitch
temper tantrums when they don’t
get their way

Oh yes indeed
the apple did not fall far from the tree
as modern day
Eve’s debase their femininity just like
their mother




What makes you think he needs to be saved?

Perhaps he’s better off!

It Seemed Important at the Time...

He had a habit of

Always believing in

The things that she said

While she was leaving him

He just couldn’t see

The forest for the trees

Everything’s perfect,

Couldn’t be better,

They both were happy,

She wrote him a letter

Just like that they were through,

Somehow he never knew

Who’s gonna save him now he’s alone?


Day 4

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How To Blacklist

For those of you having problems with hateful comments showing up on your blogs even though your moderating comments.

Here’s how to use the Blacklist box so hateful comments go straight into the Trash without needing to be moderated.

From inside the Word Press App: Mobile Phone or Tablet etc.

Tap on the W

Scroll down to Settings and Tap on it

Scroll down to More (it is located under Discussion near the bottom of the page) and tap on it

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on Blacklist

That will open the Blacklist Page in which you can enter the offenders

Email Address

On the Computer Dashboard

Click on My Sites (it is located on the left hand side of the screen under the URL Address bar)

If you have more than one blog click on Switch Site to bring up the blog you want to moderate.

Otherwise your blog will be listed right underneath the Switch Site Tab

Scroll down to Settings and click on it (it is located on the bottom of the Menu)

That will open up a page to the right of the Menu

At the top of the page click on Discussion

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter the offenders

Email Address
URL or IP Address

Be careful as to the words you enter as any comment that has that word in it will kick that comment into the Trash. So avoid using Word or Press WP or WordPress or all of the comments you receive will end up in the Trash Bin.

Happy Blogging

Dabir Dalton

Why She is Trustworthy

The heart of a
Good woman is true and kind – respects
Her husband

She doesn’t dress to
Attract the second looks of other men when
When out in public

Comports herself with
Feminine modesty deliberately rebuffs the
Advances of other men

The heart of her husband
Rests safely within her hands because he knows
She will not betray him