What Part of “ILLEGAL” Do Amnesty Supporters Not Understand?

I can still remember the first time amnesty was granted to illegal immigrants many years ago and the promise made by the politicians of the day that this amnesty was a one time event never to be offered again. Not only have I lived in and was forced to flee an area affected by the huge influx of Hispanics in order to secure the safety of my own family several of my coworkers are Hispanic. I watched as Democrats have courted the vote of the Hispanic population in order to cancel out the votes of those in the White Population who oppose their agenda. And while Republican politicians such as President George W. Bush refused to deal with the problem of illegal immigration; because of the special interests of the corporations and business interests: who purposely relied on cheap labor in order to undercut and devalue the labor of American citizens by driving down wages. Until the rank and file of voters who support Republican politicians finely revolted and forced the Republican party to reverse itself on the issue of illegal immigration.

This is why I will not buy into the Amnesty gambit being pushed by the Democratic Party and their supporters. A party that has historically relied on voter fraud in order to get its politicians voted into political office. A party that is becoming increasing known for it’s race baiting and policy of pitting American citizens of different races against each other in order to win elections.

If illegal immigrants want to become citizens along with their children let them do it the legal way just like everyone one else who wants to enter this country has to do it. To do otherwise would be to reward those who seek to steal from and rip off the hard working American tax payers like myself; instead of requiring these “LAW BREAKERS” to take responsibility for their actions and make restitution to those whom they have willfully with both malice and forethought harmed economially by their illegal actions.

No Longer Afraid of Being Alone

For as long as I can remember
of being alone I’ve been afraid
to avoid ending up alone and lonely
is why I married and started a family

Even after twenty-four years of marriage
my wife still doesn’t understand me
no longer do I think that she ever will
if she ever does no longer do I care

Growing up in a blended family many times over
alone I always was and learned to be
not once was I ever understood
nor did those around me ever really try

With my childhood in such utter chaos
the result of my parents immature choices
kept off balance by abuse and depression
until sixteen my world just kept spinning

From state to state and town to town
my parents kept us moving
so from school to school did I hop
that even now my friendships don’t last

Now that over the hill I am
of this I’ve come to accept and embrace
my life shall always be very lonely
for a loner truly I am and will always be

No longer do I seek the acceptance of others
for without a single doubt
they’ll only see what they want to see
the acceptance and understanding I crave

From within myself I’ll just have to make do
alone with my dreams and fantasies
the books and movies upon my book shelves
and my best friend the computer upon my desk

Dear Mother

All my life I’ve both loved and hated you
loved you for after all you are my mother
hated you for being forced to suffer innocently
the consequences of your immature choices

Yet even though I would not forgive you
always I’ve tried to treat you as if I had
by being there when you needed me
refusing to walk away in spite of the pain

At the time you asked me to forgive you
I could not, would not even consider doing so
the pain your choices caused
still I can not and will not ever forget

To forgive is Devine and I’m no saint
yet today I’m struggling to forgive you
the pain is part of who I am
to forget would be to deny who I am

Yet the pain has helped me to grow
the rain has stopped, the storm is past, the darkness lifted
though peace I’ve yet to find
today with you to terms I’ve come at last

The Day My Life Changed Forever


I can still remember
that day nearly fifty years ago
When my mother had

My two brothers
And I sit together on the couch
When she told us

That our daddy
Would no longer be living with us
The tears we shed

Even now as I
Write about that day my tears
Once again fall

The questions that
To this day still remain unanswered
For that was the

Day my journey
Through hell began the price for my
Mother’s choices

My brother’s and
I began to pay as our lives changed
Never to be the same

A Woman’s Best Destiny


Just as our
World the planet known as
Mother earth

Is a womb of
Of life protected by a shinning

A good
Woman encapsulates her

And children
Within the sphere of her golden

The love of her life’s
Rough edges

Him to be a better man
Then he

Already is
Like ripples in a pond
Created by

A stone
Her influence spreads far
And wide

Through her
Children touching the lives of
Countless others

Inspired by Hema