Why She is Trustworthy

The heart of a
Good woman is true and kind – respects
Her husband

She doesn’t dress to
Attract the second looks of other men when
When out in public

Comports herself with
Feminine modesty deliberately rebuffs the
Advances of other men

The heart of her husband
Rests safely within her hands because he knows
She will not betray him

Dapoet’s Personal Log Stardate 0217.22


A Dream Turned To Ashes

I never
Wanted to be a

Even through
My heart daydreamed
Of being one

I just
Wanted to love a

To be
Loved back -to be
A dad

A clean
Home – dinner on the

To have
A loving wife in bed
With me

Who’d give
Me both a son and a

This was
The dream I chose
To persue

How could it have gone so wrong?