Dapoet’s Personal Log Stardate 0217.22


A Dream Turned To Ashes

I never
Wanted to be a

Even through
My heart daydreamed
Of being one

I just
Wanted to love a

To be
Loved back -to be
A dad

A clean
Home – dinner on the

To have
A loving wife in bed
With me

Who’d give
Me both a son and a

This was
The dream I chose
To persue

How could it have gone so wrong?

DaPoet Personal Log Stardate 1802.08

My heart is like the canary in a coal mine; the first to wither and die.

Like the bird in a cage who sings for a seed or two; only to hear the echo of his own voice.

Because my heart is alive it has no desire to die today or tomorrow; but when the grim reaper puts in his appearance it won’t resist: just make it quick.

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As the
Bombs fell from the sky
Upon a

Pillar of
Fire One Tin soldier rose into
The sky

Fled the
Chaos of death and destruction
Far below

The seeds of hope for all

The hymen of mother sky
As it began

It’s journey to
Our nearest star far away from
Hate and war