From Flower to Flower

Like a honey bee goes from 

flower to flower 

Seeking nectar mister poet

Flew from one 

Girl to the next from fresh

Georgia peaches 

Gator Girls and California

Angels to name

But a few spread his seed

Far and wide

Just like good ole Johnny 

Appleseed until

Like a rat he got caught in

A trap found at 

Last the love of his life his

Soul mate gave up

His title as the one night 

Wonder to be her

knight in shinning armour 

The One Night Wonder 

Upon retiring from the navy

Mister Poet

Settled in a little college town

Named Poetville

Went back to school to get an

Education – chase

Lovely two legged dear with a 

vengeance sexy 

Coeds – schoolmarms – bikini 

babes half his age

The only rule he strictly kept 

Twas one night only

For one night only did he sleep 

With the maidens

Who warmed his bed so he was

Always in demand

The one night wonder he came 

To be called never

Spent a Friday night – all alone