the allure of death

She appeared to me as an
Angel of light
With the darkness hidden
In her heart
Concealed from my sight
From the path
Of light she lured me with
The curves of
Her hourglass figure onto
The path of
Darkness with the promise
Of eternal life
Gave to me death instead
With a kiss she
Left my feet to wander
Aimlessly down
The path of darkness to my
Untimely demise
Within an unmarked grave

Behind the Looking Glass

How could
I be pregnant she wondered
As she stood
Before her mirror rounded
With child

It was
Within a dream quite orgasmic
That her
Lover took her on the heights
Of pleasure

That she lay within a coma
The sheets of a hospital

As her family
Gazed down sadly upon her
She stood alone
Behind the looking glass of
Another reality

Till Dawns Early Light

Opening her eyes
She found herself lying within
A hole with her
Wrists – ankles bound together
Unable to move

The sound of
A shovel biting into soft dirt
Her ears heard
Upon her skin rained wet soil
From up above

Unable to scream
Not that any help would come
All she could do
Was ly there within the dark
A secret hidden

From her feet
Along the hourglass curves
Of her body to
The top of her head slowly
Buried alive

Carefully hidden
Within an unmarked grave nearby
She lay unable to
Breathe till dawn’s early light she
Woke up screaming