The True Face of Gender Equality

Men are
Supposed to stay strong
And silent

Even when
Their legs are being cut
Out from

Beneath them
Inch by bloody inch by life’s
Pruning knife

Yet everyone
Runs to rescue a woman who
Breaks a nail

They’ll hug
Her and make her well
Even as they

Walk by the
Man cut down lying within
His own blood

Unfortunately this is indeed what true gender equality looks like; and it is exactly what the feminists wanted in the first place.

It Only Takes a Moment

Every day
It’s a struggle to keep
From crying

Yet I
Dare not do anything

Will reduce
The empathy – compassion in
My heart

For if
I do vindictive will I

No one
Sees the monster inside
Of me

Fully understands
Just what it is capable of doing if
Allowed to run wild

This is
Why I don’t own a gun or

For only
Anger intensely burning

Can override
My empathy and compassion
For a time

Yet it only
Takes a moment to destroy

Hidden In Silence

As a child
I was told that big boys
Don’t Cry

As a man
I’m expected to suck
It up

Carry on
With a smile pasted on
My face

Can’t let
The world see my
Tears fall

Even though
The pain is shattering
My heart

Only to be accused
Of being emotionally unavailable
Whenever I’m quiet


I sit
Here crying as I write

How could
My life have gone
So wrong

I really
Don’t know how to
Fix it

Unlike my
Mother I can’t cut my losses
And run

I can
Not fix it all by

I’m the
One who has to shoulder the

Forced to
Meet my wife’s every

Even though
She refuses to meet
My needs

Small wonder
That it took going onto
The internet

To find
A measure of comfort
Yet if

My wife
Knew she would take that

From me
As well – as she has in
The past