The Immorality of Today’s Moral Crusaders

Taking Turns Playing Monica, 1998: “I would be happy to give him [Clinton] a blow job just to thank him for keeping abortion legal. I think American women should be lining up with their presidential kneepads on to show their gratitude for keeping the theocracy off our backs.” — Time contributor and former reporter Nina Burleigh recalling what she told the Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz about her feeling toward Bill Clinton, as recounted by Burleigh in the July 20 New York Observer.

If He’s A Cad Then She’s A Whore

All across this great land
there are those who like to judge
declaring in their infinite bigotry
that Gray Condit is a Cad

So easily do they ignore the fact
that even though she is a bodacious babe
Chandra Levey was still a twenty-four year old adult
who chose to sleep with another woman’s husband

With her eyes wide open
she shucked off her robe of feminine purity
bragging to her Aunt back home
like a boy she even kept score

Just like Monica whose only claim to fame
was to give President Clinton some head
upon a pedestal the media have placed
a fallen woman they worship like a goddess

Now in order to be honest and fair
there is a word for women such as these
so if Gary Condit is indeed a cad
then Chandra Levey is nothing less than a whore

Why She is Trustworthy

The heart of a
Good woman is true and kind – respects
Her husband

She doesn’t dress to
Attract the second looks of other men when
When out in public

Comports herself with
Feminine modesty deliberately rebuffs the
Advances of other men

The heart of her husband
Rests safely within her hands because he knows
She will not betray him

Nice Men Need Not Apply Until…

Amazingly enough
In the Age of the Goddess – women
No longer need men

Or so they claim
Until the bills come home to roast then
Its another story

Single mother’s
Marry good ole Uncle Sam and take the
Taxpayers money

Cheat on him with
Every Tom, Dick and Harry who walks
Through their door

Career women chase
The brass ring of financial independence
Make lots of money

All the while ignoring
The tick tocking of their biological clock
Until its much too late

Yet offended that
Far too many men still dare to think
With their stamem

Even as they choose
To only love the men who make their stigmas
Tingle wet with desire

Nice men need not
Apply that is until it rains when they are
Needed to ly down

Over mud puddles to
Prevent the average fem fatale from
Getting her feet wet


When they’re young
And still quite dumb and not bright
Enough to realize it

Today’s modern day
Women like to brag they can do any
Thing a man can do

So they waste
The best years of their lives chasing
The brass ring

Instead of settling down
Building a stable family they ignore
Their biological clock

Until it’s too late
Only then do they realize they’ve been
Played for a fool