What DaPoet Really Wants

All DaPoet really wants
is to write his poems in peace
to spend the rest of his days
within the loving arms
of the woman of his dreams so sweet
the sweetest Angel that ever lived

Yet the Poet knows within his heart
that one can’t always have what he wants
the musical voice of the sweetest Angel
his ears may never be allowed to hear
the warmth of her body, the clean scent of her skin
he may never know or take her in his arms

Yet instead of feeling sad, rejected and lonely
truly grateful DaPoet is
that the sweetest Angel that ever lived
is his most trusted friend and confident
not even his wife knows him better
nor does she really care or try to understand

Yet it would do no good what so ever
to complain about the weather, the heat or cold
or pine away down south in the state of Georgia
about the things he absolutely can not change
accept them DaPoet must and move onward
for all DaPoet really wants is to be your friend


Why does living with my wife
have to always be a battle and a march
why do we have to fight over each and every issue
instead of living in peace with each other

Why can’t my wife just let me be
if not admire me at least accept me
why can’t she understand that I will never
make her the absolute center of my life

If only she could accept all of me
both my light and dark sides faults and all
an anchor for my troubled soul she could become
instead of fleeing into orbit around her I’d gladly go

No longer do I want to argue with my wife
nor into the arms of another woman flee
but if she keeps pushing me towards the cliffs edge
another woman I might bed just to spite her

My wife knows full well that I outright hate
demanding, controlling and arrogant females
that’s why I hated my stepmothers so intensely
to this day can’t stand my sister-in-laws

So why does my wife insist on acting like one
oh how I wish she could truly see herself as I see her
come face to face with who she has chosen to be
to stop pushing me down a road that I don’t wish to go

It’s Not Easy Being A Poet

It’s not easy being a poet these days
especially one who suffers from depression
overly sensitive to the ups and downs of life
to soar like an eagle one moment
plunge into the valley of despair the next
whose family out right ignores and despises
intentionally misconstrues what you say and do
doesn’t care or even tries to understand

It’s not easy being a poet these days
when your wife insistently demands the right
to tell you what you can read, write and watch on tv
tries to control the very thoughts within your head
when your so called friends come and go
like the sun and moon on a cloudy day and night
here one moment when they need something
gone the next until they need or want something else

It’s not easy being a poet these days
whose coworkers all say that your feminine and gay
because in your heart you care, can feel another’s pain
like to read and write instead of watching sports
can’t stand the taste or smell of beer and alcohol
to contemplate the intricacies of life
while that very life seems to pass you by unnoticed
to be an observer standing alone on the sidelines

It’s not easy being a poet these days
to comprehend that which others refuse to see and hear
yet in spite of all the condemnations, false accusations
the awful loneliness and the cruel and heartless teasing
not a single thing would I be tempted to change
for nor longer do I write just for my contemporaries
but for those who shall come after me
who will read my words long after I’m dead and gone

For I Am DaPoet and A Poet I Shall Always Be!


Banging My Head Against A Wall

Talking to my wife like talking to my parents
is like banging my head up against a wall
why I even keep on trying to explain myself
is beyond my own comprehension

How I wish that instead of getting married
the dreams of my youth I’d followed
how hopelessly trapped I can’t help but feel
a prisoner of someone’s else’s dreams

To keep from losing my only child and son
have I paid too high a price
my marriage now doomed to dissolution
no longer do I have the will to save

How sad but true in this day and age
to keep from being controlled
told what I can and can not say or do
away from women forever I must stay

Doomed to live and die alone
no longer do I care anymore
give me liberty or give me death
Patrick Henry once demanded

Perhaps when at last I’m gone
my wife and family will then care
nope not a snowballs chance in hell
what they can’t get from me they’ll mourn

I Am a Dog Hear Me Bark

I am a dog man’s best friend
hear me bark
so much the louder
then the feminists can roar

I am a dog watch my tail wag
excitedly back and forth
each and every time
a well-stacked girl walks by

I am a dog yes its true
always willing to share my house
with my ever present master
whenever his wife kicks him out the door

I am a dog and always shall be
a running do I cheerfully come
when called to play a game of fetch 
if only to catch a stick between my teeth

I am a dog hear me bark all night long
singing the praises of my master
bragging to all the other dogs nearby
keeping the neighbors up all night

Yep I am a dog about it not a thing I can do
so accept the fact I’m man’s best friend
hear me bark, bark and bark so much the louder
then the self absorbed feminists can roar

No Longer Afraid of Being Alone

For as long as I can remember
of being alone I’ve been afraid
to avoid ending up alone and lonely
is why I married and started a family

Even after twenty-four years of marriage
my wife still doesn’t understand me
no longer do I think that she ever will
if she ever does no longer do I care

Growing up in a blended family many times over
alone I always was and learned to be
not once was I ever understood
nor did those around me ever really try

With my childhood in such utter chaos
the result of my parents immature choices
kept off balance by abuse and depression
until sixteen my world just kept spinning

From state to state and town to town
my parents kept us moving
so from school to school did I hop
that even now my friendships don’t last

Now that over the hill I am
of this I’ve come to accept and embrace
my life shall always be very lonely
for a loner truly I am and will always be

No longer do I seek the acceptance of others
for without a single doubt
they’ll only see what they want to see
the acceptance and understanding I crave

From within myself I’ll just have to make do
alone with my dreams and fantasies
the books and movies upon my book shelves
and my best friend the computer upon my desk

Dear Mother

All my life I’ve both loved and hated you
loved you for after all you are my mother
hated you for being forced to suffer innocently
the consequences of your immature choices

Yet even though I would not forgive you
always I’ve tried to treat you as if I had
by being there when you needed me
refusing to walk away in spite of the pain

At the time you asked me to forgive you
I could not, would not even consider doing so
the pain your choices caused
still I can not and will not ever forget

To forgive is Devine and I’m no saint
yet today I’m struggling to forgive you
the pain is part of who I am
to forget would be to deny who I am

Yet the pain has helped me to grow
the rain has stopped, the storm is past, the darkness lifted
though peace I’ve yet to find
today with you to terms I’ve come at last