Many years ago
when my heart was young and defenseless
you did your
level best to both torment and destroy me
stole my childhood

With your words
you belittled me and wounded my spirit
with your lies
you tried to destroy my relationship with
my father

Years later after
you divorced my dad you showed up back
on his doorstep
manipulated him into taking you back into
his and our lives

Stole my dad
away from me and my brothers by
giving him a
an std infection that destroyed his liver
took his life

How you manage
to look at yourself in the mirror
is beyond me – your
claim that Jesus lives in your heart
was an outright lie

My only regret
is that my heart never thought to
take your life
put a bullet in your brain – a knife in
your black heart

Perhaps my dad
would still be alive if my fingers had
taken you out of
the picture put you in a well deserved
early grave

But then that
would only have made me just like you
handed you
the victory on a silver platter destroyed
my future

All my heart
can do is go on living – wait patiently for
the moment when at
last on judgement day you will pay dearly
for your crimes

Echo’s of Whispers Past

Between the light and the darkness
good and evil
the poet stands completely alone
his hands holding
back the light of day along with the
dark of night
sometimes the light surges forward
other times it is
the darkness that rules the sword that
is his penmanship
yet through each and every assault the
versifier stands
true to his chosen craft even as in time
he grows weaker
until at last the moment predicted will
arrive when the
light and the darkness shall meet each
other face to face
and then the versifier shall be no more
no peace or rest
shall the poet find in this life nor within
the life to come
for only his words will be left behind
fluttering in the breeze
long forgotten echos of whispers past

The Light Flickers Still


Deep inside my heart
there is a darkness
over shadowing my soul
prevents me from
seeing the light at the end
of the tunnel through
which the train I’m riding
travels at high speed
yet even though the light
upon the dark walls
my eyes can’t see dancing
within my mind I
know that it flickers still
that out of the
valley of the shadow of death
back again into the
sunlight the train I’m riding
will burst at last
as it carries me ever onward
towards my ultimate
destination -the sun set-
located far away
at the end of the line

Seeking Happiness

True happiness
is a state of mind that can not be
bought nor acquired
always sought after yet not often found
by weary hearts

Far better to
do what’s right – live life to its fullest
then to seek
elusive happiness like a pot of gold
at rainbows end

Nor can happiness
be found naturally within the human heart
yet like a
lovely flower it must be nourished in
order to blossom

Happiness kept hidden
inside one’s heart and never shared
always corrupts the
vessel in which it is locked morph’s it
into a stone


Upon the razors
edge of emotional instability
my feet have
always trod throughout my
entire life

Unable to look
up into the sky of possibilities
never daring to
look down into the abyss from
fear of falling

Straight ahead
my eyes keep staring towards
the distant horizon
as one after another my feet
keep on plodding

It isn’t easy
to just take one day at a time
not to borrow
trouble ahead of time yet my
heart is trying


The internet
is truly amazing for it lets the
words my
fingers love to write be read
the world over

Far away
from my family circle
the internet
lets my words touch the
hearts of

Those willing
to listen who have ears to hear
like a stone
thrown into a lake my written
words spread

Outward far
beyond the confines of my life
to be read
perhaps enjoyed by those I’ll
never meet