Male Feminist Zombies

They walk about with their heads
stuck up their ass
unwilling to think their own thoughts
insecure and unmanly
willingly they bind themselves to the
desires of the woman
in their lives chose to become her
intellectual slave
eagerly engage in proxy violence
by harassing and
bullying those imbued with masculinity
who refuse to bow
the knee to wanabe feminine tyrants
all for a sexual treat
they are pathetic utterly revolting

Feminist Hubris

In her own eyes she is just
so fine
nor does she seem able to
understand why
my heart avoids her like the
plague she
has chosen of her own free
will to become
peace and quiet is what my
restless heart
needs to calm my spinning
mind instead
of insults expectations that
can’t be met
no matter how devoutly I try

Do Not Enter

The lock upon
my heart is most secure
no feminist shall
be allowed to enter within
my inner sanctum
those who dare to attempt
to force or seduce
their way into my heart
should be aware
for rejection only awaits their
ill conceived efforts
my mind is firmly made up
tired of the lies
feminists love to spin and
weave endlessly

The Future of Feminism

With the corpse
of feminism lying in the streets
men are free
at last of feminine domination
at long last
females have been confined
to their place
where they belong never more
to roam wild
wreak irrational havoc and mayhem
down upon the
heads of the men in their lives
the feminists having
been put to death peace at last
reigns supreme

Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

In our name
they commit crimes against humanity
justify their actions
with out right lies and propaganda
bully other nations
then wonder why they hate us with an
undying passion
seek to kill us by any means possible
yes indeed the
people of the most powerful nation on
earth at the moment
are like sheep who don’t pay attention
to the wolves
leading them over the edge of the cliff
right into oblivion

The Point of No Return

She wanted to
control the poet’s life
his each and
every waking moment
the time he
spent with his friends
the books he
loved to buy and read
the tv shows he
so enjoyed watching
the poems
and short stories he
loved to write
so he flat out told her
to go away
told her “Don’t let the door
hit yo ass!”
as he tossed her right
out of his
life with nothing but
the clothes
upon her sorry backside
kicked his
former flame now gone
cold and bitchy
to the curb began his life
all over again

Hanging On For Dear Life

Life is bittersweet the reality
never seems
to quite measure up to one’s
chosen fantasy
often leading to unreasonable
expectations far
more often then to happiness
all one can
do is to hang on tight during
the frequent
storms in order to prevent being
blown away
becoming overwhelmed by the
clouds of despair
until the sun comes back out