Living a Love Story


Living a Dream Come True

No need
To lie tell you empty

I’d simply
Do what’s necessary
Kill or die

Into your
Eyes I would willingly gaze
For eternity

Within my
Dreams your always just
Out of reach

Still into
Your ear I’ll whisper my

Send shivers
Up and down your back
And all over

Enfold you
Within my words carefully

Make love to
You within the soft glow
Of moonlight

Our souls
Entwined upon a cloud
Of passion

Holding on to
This tender moment for as
Long as possible

Daydreaming of
You until the sun goes down my
Eyes fall asleep

Find myself
Once again tasting the honey
Of your kisses

A Tangle of Weeds

Won’t you bake me a pie, feed me with a sweet lie
When I ask you if it’s me still, you’d die for or kill

Come closer come near, rest your lips on my ear
Speaks words in whispers, in that voice that sends shivers

Adorn my black tresses, with some colourful irises
And I will close my eyes, till the fragrance dies

When the flowers wilt, they will have witnessed passion at its hilt
Even as we let it linger, in our minds and hearts stronger

You spend an eternity, on exploring this fantasy
With the crevices nooks and corners of my lips alone

Another eon spent in delving, into my eyes now sparkling
With the magic spilling, passion flowers consummating

I live a love story in my head, every time I get to my bed
My dreams tenderly unrobe, as your desires so furiously probe

©Nandita Manan Yata

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Diamonds in the Sky


The Forever Diamond

They say
Diamonds are forever
A girls

Best friend
But the diamond I will
Give to you

Won’t be
Worn upon your finger
Just above

The luscious
Valley lying between your
Lovely bubbles

For it will
Will be enshrined within
Your heart

The Light
Of my love reflected by
Your Smile

The Light
Dancing within your
Dark eyes

It will
Shine forever passed

Our union of becoming one

The hearts
Of our children and their

For generations
Long after we have gone

Have become
Just a memory – a story told
At bedtime

A Tangle of Weeds

Let the passion blow,
let the molten lava flow,
till your heart beats like a galloping horse,
till your body crumbles into volcanic ashes,
I will be there waiting
with water in my crater lake
to carry you and spread you like stars
scattered in an autumn night
and together we shall light up the earth
like a million diamonds in the sky

©Nandita Manan Yata

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Until my
Arms can actually
Hold you

My heart
Will continue to dream
Of you

Even though
You may be just out of reach
Of my arms

My words
Shall continue to enfold you

Into the ear of your broken heart
Till it is mended

Until you
Can soar free sing your
Heart out


The Mother of All Pearls Part Two

When i went in search of the little girl in pig tails dwelling within the eye of an emotional storm; that was ever so slowly choking the life out of her.

It wasn’t just a matter of braving the high winds, lightning and thunder that surrounded her.

I had to leave my own comfort zone and fly through my own storm as well; dropping my own shields that protected my heart and kept it from getting hurt even though it was in intense pain.

Then my starfighter had to enter her storm defenseless and at the mercy of the raging elements.

Even then to make it through to the eye of her storm I had to open up my heart to her, bare my soul and allow myself to to become vulnerable.

Something I had sworn never to do again the last time my heart had been healed then ripped apart again.

By the time my starfighter entered the calm of the eye of her storm, all systems had failed nor could I bail out.

All at once my trusty ship disintegrated as it flew into the center, leaving me in free fall wondering if I’d hit the ground first, or be ripped apart when I hit the wall of her storm; swiftly approaching as I spun round and round even as I tumbled out of control.

Turned out i needn’t have worried (even though those few moments seemed like an eternity) for the little girl in pig tails caught me within her arms.

The bottomless ocean of empathy and compassion within her heart refused to let me fall to my death, be destroyed by the storm protecting her heart in spite of her own overwhelming pain.

As it turned out all that I went through and endured, to find and take her within my arms through my words and poetry, turned out to be worth the price I paid.

For today she is my dearest and the best friend my heart has ever had.

For it is her friendship that powers my heart puts the monster inside me asleep.

That let’s me safely draw upon its strength, with out it overwhelming me with its anger and bitterness, as it has done many times in the past

For her smile is within my heart.

I have no regrets!

For she and the value of her friendship are worth far more.

For she is, after all, the Mother of All Pearls within the treasure box of my heart.

Poetess Upon the Wind



You are
The poetess upon the wind

Words light
Up my heart and fan it into
A bonfire

That spreads
Light and encourages others
With my words

That my
Finger would never have

Into my
Tablet without the light
Of your

Fanning the flames of my heart
Into a supernova


Inspired by and Written for Nandita Yata – A Tangle of Weeds – who is my dearest and best friend. The One who makes my heart sing!