Demons by Dee Kay

Chased by demons
Within the darkness of depression
My heart endures

The Floating Thoughts



Dee Kay

The darkness within me homes the demons of my past,

The flickering light at the corner tries it’s best to last.

Don’t come too close or maybe you should hide,

As tonight I unleash the demons for one last time.

You will see and hear the worst of me as I walk this road,

Even when the emotions inside might just explode.

Sit tight as you will experience an ultimate fight for power,

As tonight either one of me would get devour.

The darkness within me homes the demons of my past,

The flickering light at the corner tries it’s best to last.

What story I tell others is far away from the truth of my life,

I hide behind my words and take cover behind those lies.

I struggle to keep my head high,

don’t have the answers to all the how, when and why.

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Wolf with wings

She is a wolf
With wings and sharp
Wicked teeth

That is until
Within the Poet’s arms
She becomes

A gentle dove
Filled with light and peace
Cooing softly


Life sharpened its teeth to grab hold her neck and tear her apart..

But rarely did it knows that she is a wolf with wings..

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What Part of “ILLEGAL” Do Amnesty Supporters Not Understand?

I can still remember the first time amnesty was granted to illegal immigrants many years ago and the promise made by the politicians of the day that this amnesty was a one time event never to be offered again. Not only have I lived in and was forced to flee an area affected by the huge influx of Hispanics in order to secure the safety of my own family several of my coworkers are Hispanic. I watched as Democrats have courted the vote of the Hispanic population in order to cancel out the votes of those in the White Population who oppose their agenda. And while Republican politicians such as President George W. Bush refused to deal with the problem of illegal immigration; because of the special interests of the corporations and business interests: who purposely relied on cheap labor in order to undercut and devalue the labor of American citizens by driving down wages. Until the rank and file of voters who support Republican politicians finely revolted and forced the Republican party to reverse itself on the issue of illegal immigration.

This is why I will not buy into the Amnesty gambit being pushed by the Democratic Party and their supporters. A party that has historically relied on voter fraud in order to get its politicians voted into political office. A party that is becoming increasing known for it’s race baiting and policy of pitting American citizens of different races against each other in order to win elections.

If illegal immigrants want to become citizens along with their children let them do it the legal way just like everyone one else who wants to enter this country has to do it. To do otherwise would be to reward those who seek to steal from and rip off the hard working American tax payers like myself; instead of requiring these “LAW BREAKERS” to take responsibility for their actions and make restitution to those whom they have willfully with both malice and forethought harmed economially by their illegal actions.

Better this way!

This is pure unadulterated hatred of men – what feminism is all about.

It seems that the current generation of feminists is no longer satisfied with murdering their children and husband’s in cold blood.

They now want to murder any and all men who happen to be in the way of whatever they want.


Dear Girls,

If a man obstructs your path then,

walk on his manhood wearing your stilettos.

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The Fall of Woman

to rise above the role in
which the
Father Above had placed
her gender

The mother
of the human race found
herself falling
short of the glory of her

of being Adam’s equal
Eve found
herself in subjection to
her husband

All because
she listened to the lies of a
serpent seduced
her husband into eating
forbidden fruit