Late Presidents Day Lunch

My wife (Dianne) and I managed to Celebrate Presidents Day at our favorite Mexican Restaurant this afternoon. 

My Wife Dianne with a Virgin Pina Colada with a Splash of Mango and Whip Cream on Top.
Me with a Virgin Pina Colada, a Splash of Peach with Whip Cream on top
This is what I ate. Cheese Quesadilla with Onions, Mushrooms, Green Bell Pepper, Spinnach, Tomatoes

Breakfast and Lunch

From time to time I like to stop at the Subway Shop located in the Pilot Truck Stop on my way to work. This Subway location stays open 24 hrs 7 days a week. I usually get a Foot Long and eat half for breakfast and the other half at lunch.

Honey oat bread vegie patty Mayonnaise on both sides of bread white American cheese spinach tomato cucumber red onion.  Peanut brittle bar And fruit punch Gatorade