The Black Widow

She was a
Black widow spider until the
Day we met

She even tried
To kill me the first time our
Lips touched

Only to meet
Her match when she gazed
Into my eyes

Now she dances
To my tune like a puppet on
A string obeys

My commands for
Her heart, mind and soul belong
To me for all time

Or at least until
My heart grows weary of her
Seeks our another

Then she’ll become
Just another memory – one more
Trophy on my shelf


Before her
Mirror she gently brushed
Her hair

Quite unaware
That she was being observed
By a pair of eyes

Until around
Her waist a pair of unseen
Arms slipped

Her smouldering
Passions stoked ablaze by thumbs
She couldn’t see

The light touch
Of hungry lips upon her neck
Made her shiver

As she surrendered
Within the soft glow of Moonlight
At the witching hour

What Shall I Do?

Two little angels sitting on my shoulders.

The one on the right wears a broken halo.

The one on the left sports a pair of horns, a pointed tail and caries a pitch fork.

“Make love to her.” whispers the angel on the right.

“Throw her in quicksand!” demands the one on the left.

Now what shall I do?


Maybe I’ll do both.



From the careless
World filled with all to many cruel –
Cunning hunters

Your tenderness was
Hidden revealed to my kind – gentle and
Loving heart alone

From the chests
Of many hapless men your fingers ripped
Out their hearts

Until you gazed
Within my eyes fell beneath my spell
helplessly in love

His Calling Card

Like a shark
Looking for a tasty meal
To devour

She silently
Awaited for an unwary male
To approach

Only to be confronted
By one of mother nature’s handpicked
Telepathic enforcers

Who drew her dark
Soul from her curvaceous alluring body
With a kiss of death

Left the empty husk
Of her body on the floor in plain sight
His calling card

As a warning to
Her fellow sisters – Satana’s coven
That the Poet

Was back in town
More powerful then ever before and
Coming for them

Let’s Go Away

Come my love
Take my hand lets leave this cruel
World behind

Flee to the
Land of daydreams where we
Can be free

To love each
Other without the interference
Of their hatred

We’ll return just
After midnight to feed upon the souls
Of their children