Man Power

Hey babe
It’s high time that you learn how
To hustle

To buy your
Own coca cola – bag of popcorn
At the movies

Don’t expect me
To pay extra taxes so Uncle Sam can
Buy your tampons

Don’t bother tryin to
Seduce me cause I got my own vibrator
Called a right hand

It can flip you off
Press the buttons on my microwave
Washer and dryer

So Long babe take
A hike cause i have no desire – need for
Your mama drama

Gotta run down to
The local Subway gonna buy my own
Delicious sandwich

Don’t let my front
Door hit your ass on the way out of
My life for good

Remember Icarus

My Son listen
Very carefully to my spoken
Words of wisdom

Never fly too
Close to the sun of a woman’s love
For her love is

Fickle based on
Feelings that change depending
Which direction

The breeze is
Blowing hot as hell today cold
As ice tomorrow

Within her secret
Garden she may let you play
Linger in her bed

Yet by sunset
After you are gone and
Out of sight

While your heart
Burns with the memory of her
Love all so sweet

The fingers of
Another will be exploring her
Secret places

Roaming through
Her luscious valley’s – climbing upon
Her mountains

His name her lips
Will be calling when he plants the
Flags of his kisses

Where they don’t
Belong between the sheets of
Your very own bed

The Average Woman Need Not Apply

My heart is
Seeking for a love that’s true
A woman

Who isn’t ruled
By her feelings the tingling of
Her vagina

Who refuses to sway
Back and forth blown about by
The winds of fashion

Who knows how to
Give back – won’t leave my heart
Empty – burned out

The average woman
Need not apply for she has nothing
To offer but despair

Caught With My Pants Down

Once upon a time
The love my heart thought was true
Turned quite sour

The bitter after taste
It left behind took my heart by surprise
Plunged it into despair

A night so dark
The stars refused to twinkle – the moon
Dared not shine

Within a maze of
Depression my mind was condemned to
Wander all alone

So Long Jill

Don’t compare me
Or my performance to your previous
Partner(s) in love

My heart has
Absolutely no intention of going there
If you can’t

Accept me for
Who I am it’s time for you to hit
The road Jill

Don’t let the door hit
Your ass on the way out – my heart definitely
Has better things to do

Retiring My Armor

Tired of
A half century of mama

My heart
Is oh so weary of the games
Women love

To play
Time to retire my shinning

Let some
Other fool slay her Dragons
Play with

Her inner
Demons my heart needs
A rest

Time to
Heal from the slashes of
Her thorns