What makes you think he needs to be saved?

Perhaps he’s better off!

It Seemed Important at the Time...

He had a habit of

Always believing in

The things that she said

While she was leaving him

He just couldn’t see

The forest for the trees

Everything’s perfect,

Couldn’t be better,

They both were happy,

She wrote him a letter

Just like that they were through,

Somehow he never knew

Who’s gonna save him now he’s alone?


Day 4

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Your words are a
Bright and shinning light amidst a
Sea of darkness



Sakshi Rajput Poetry

For everytime I dreamt of you
I could grow a garden
Of new spring daisies
Which will bloom our
Gloomy nights.

For everytime I loved you
I could shower a rain
Of red roses
Which will make our days
More blissful.

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sunset-hands-love-woman.jpgThe light
Of the sun reflected by
The moon

Shines brightly
Through my hands as I gaze
Upon your face

As she sets Sail
Across the star filled sky upon her
Nightly journey

This is a collaboration between Sakshi Rajput and I please view her original post and like it as well. 

Thank you!

Dabir Dalton

Sakshi Rajput Poetry

The light of the sun
Reflected by the moon,
Shines brightly through
My hands.

The touch of your skin
And the love in your blood,
Streaming slowly through
My hands.

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Your love shines
through your words like the stars
In the sky above


Sakshi Rajput Poetry

I’ll bring the moon down
In your hands,
Shine our house up
And send away the

I’ll catch the butterflies,
Decorate them on the walls
Of our hearts,
And send away the
Black and white parts.

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