Go Ahead Bend Over My Knees – I Triple Dare Ya!

Come one – come all
Feel free to bend over my knees to receive a
Well deserved spanking

My heart is kind
Yet no longer has the time nor desire to be
Nice – walked on

So go ahead ladies
And I use that term rather loosely as today’s
Women tend to be

My right hand will
Be more than happy to set you straight – treat
You like a child

Musings of a Girl Struggling to Survive in a Wicked World.

1 Timothy 2:9-15 KJV:

In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;

But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works.

Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.

But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

For Adam was first formed, then Eve.

And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.


One day – hopefully sooner than later – women will come to the realization that the more an individual demands respect – especially when based on gender – the more unlikely one is to get the respect they think they are entitled too and the most likely to get the exact opposite. It’s been well over half a century since the second wave feminists began demanding that women be treated with “RESPECT” and the striking result is that women receive far less respect today then they did back then.

I know because I personally lived through those times.

I have spent the last fifty years watching as women who fell prey to the MEME of feminism drove their husbands out of the home and the lives of their children, the workplace and out of the educational field. And I have watched as the media has put women on a pedestal while becoming saturated with blatant disrespect for the male gender.

Today’s women will never know what real fear is until they have to live with the fact that at any time and with one lie their spouse can have them removed from their home, kicked out of their children’s lives and reduced to poverty all with a single phone call. Which has happened all too often to men who think as you do.

If you think that women act any better towards their sisters just wait until you enter the workforce and actually have to work with women who are jealous of your outward youthfulness as they stab you in the back and sabotage your career every chance they get.

I am also old enough to know that theory very rarely matches up with actual reality.

I just hope that you discover all of this long before you have children so that your knowledge does not have to come at the expense of any sons you may one day have.

Just to put things in proper perspective what do you think happens to the boys when Boko Haram raids a village? All the media ever bothers to report is about the girls who are taken and sold as brides to older men. However, the reality is that the boys left behind are left behind simply because they were murdered and those who were taken were forced at the point of bayonet to become child soldiers.

Down through the years women have blasted men for treating them as sex objects, making unwanted passes at them and outright sexual harassment.

The simple truth is that men were created to become sexually aroused whenever they saw their wife’s naked body while the Father Above implanted within women a sense of modesty that was designed to prevent them from exposing their nakedness to anyone but their lawful husband.

Madison Avenue certainly understands that men are by nature visually aroused which is why they use scantily clad pictures of photo shopped genetic celebrities (women who are sexy because they are young and fertile) to sell their products.

What the feminists won’t admit is that the average woman whether she is worldly or a Christian is well aware of the affects her fertile sexuality has upon the men she comes in contact with. Indeed that is why she chooses to leave the sanctuary of her home in order to appear in public with the curves of her body clad and clearly outlined in skintight jeans and shirts that are in reality at least one size if not more too small. As well as the low cut dresses whose plunging neckline not only points to her breasts; but exposes the top of her bosom to the eyes of any male onlooker whether he views her from behind while she is sitting down or when her breasts nearly fall out of her dress whenever she bends over for what ever reason. And the short shirts that give the causal observer a clear view of her nether regions when they ride up her legs as she gets up and down and moves around.

Just as Dinah, the daughter of Jacob, placed herself in the position to be sexually assaulted (Genesis Chapter 34) when she left the safety of her father’s home in order to visit the ungodly daughters of the land in which her family dwelled.

Just as a drunk driver whether male or female fully consents to the tragic consequences of their actions when they choose to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after having too much to drink.

So too do women whether ungodly or Christian fully consent to the consequences of being whistled at, commented upon, sexually harassed and or sexually assaulted by the way she dresses. All of which she has invited by choosing to ignore and defy the Biblical Counsel to dress and comport herself with modesty in order to indulge her sinful and prideful nature by dressing provocatively while appearing in public.

Indeed the woman who chooses to expose her nakedness and leave nothing to the imagination by the scanty clothing she deliberately chooses to wear out in public. Is just as guilty and as much a sexual pervert as the man who uninvitedly exposes himself to women and children.

Ladies (and I do indeed use this word loosely) your sanctimonious and faux outrage whenever a male showers upon you unwanted attention simply won’t wash any longer. So long as you continue to invite that treatment by the way you deliberately choose to put the curves of your physical assets upon display like candy in a store window by the way you dress.

It’s Behavior That Counts

Women voted for whom they wanted when they took off their panties and hopped into bed with bad boy’s, bastards and assholes.

The nice, supportive and understanding guys got the message – loud and clear – then vacated the dating marketplace (friend zone) and found something better with which to occupy their time.

How Straight Men Express Their Inner Gay Man*

There are several ways in which straight men express their inner gay man. Here are just a few of them:

1) Watching football or any other game during which men complete against each other by playing with their balls.

2) Wrestling: Where else can straight males watch nearly naked males feel each other up and still maintain the false plausibility of the facade of heterosexuality?

3) Reading Sports Illustrated and/or the sports section of the daily newspaper which feature the men who make their fame and fortune by playing with their balls.

4) Smoking cigarettes and/or cigars as well as sucking on Tootsie Roll Pops or Dum Dum suckers which double as phallic symbols of the male sexual organ. The enjoyment of which is an excellent means of practicing the techniques of pleasuring that special man in your life. While hard candies such as peppermints, butterscotch and other assorted flavors double as phallic symbols of the male testes.

So go ahead and enjoy yourself fellows for ya know what they say practice makes perfect.

*There was a time when I was openly taunted and accused of being Gay because I was a vegetarian who didn’t eat meat and cared nothing about sports or hunting or fishing.

I have no problem or beef with those who do enjoy those activities.

On the other hand I do have a problem with those who insist that sports, the deliberate killing of animals and eating meat define those; who participate in them as masculine and accuse those who show no interest in these activities as non masculine or gay.

It is exceedingly dangerous to taunt and falsely accuse a Poet like myself since I will not hesitate to turn an argument or concept inside out: Thereby creating an intellectual meme or virus that I will use without mercy to strike at the attacking individuals sense of self.

At the Barrel of a Gun

Its not really surprising that Donald Trump was elected as President of the United States.

Despite the publishing of the video of him bragging about how his celebrity status allowed him to get away with grabbing women by their—–.

For the very same people who voted Mr. Trump into office have always supported the United States Military no matter what it did.

Throughout her history and especially during the recent twentieth century; those in charge of the American government have never hestited to use the military.

To grab smaller and weaker counties by their —– And rape then.

Simply because they could and the country being attacked had no other choice but to let Uncle Sam have his way with her.

Why I’m No Longer a Christian


To put it simply Christianity is a one or the other proposition: one either goes to heaven or hell – there is no other choice.

Ever since I was nine years old my heart has been a marshmallow on a skewer within the flames of an emotional hell.

On my birthday this year in April that will be the beginning of the 50th anniversary year of when my mother chose to divorce my father.

My brothers and I have paying the price for her choices ever since then.

Her choices led directly to the death of my father and the suicide of my younger brother from her second marriage.

And is the root cause that led to the choices I made during my twenties, that has destroyed all chances, along with the hope of my ever experiencing the full range of true happiness with a woman.

The irony being that by the time I fully understood what I really wanted in a relationship: needed from a woman; there is no longer any chance or possibility of that ever happening except through a long range relationship over the internet.

Don’t get me wrong I am happier than I have ever been, and my best friend here on WordPress makes me very happy, her presense in my life brightens my otherwise dark and dreary life.

And yet it pains me that I will never be able to experience the full complete range of love: mentally, emotionally and physically/sexually with a women who choses to love me simply because I’m worth being loved.

Still my best friend here on WordPress completes me in ways my wife can’t and refuses to do and I am very grateful for that.

In spite of the half century of emotional pain I have experienced: I am a better person who is able to understand other’s and help them to the best of my ability.

Still my life has been such that I neither desire to burn in hell; nor spend an eternity with a God who allowed what I have endured to happen.

The kindest thing God could do for me is to allow me to fall asleep and never wake up when my time comes.

I have been through enough hell already and have absolutely no desire to experience another.


If the student does not surpass their mentor then the student is either lazy or the mentor has failed his student.


I’ve worked in two factories during my 38 + career and in each of them those who instructed me used the sink and swim method.

That is they spent a short period of time showing me how to do the job then turned me loose – to succeed or fail on my own.

I always had to figure out what questions to ask when I ran into trouble or had an issue I couldn’t solve on my own.

Needless to say just as Captain Kirk (star trek original series) does not believe in the “No Win Scenario” I do not believe in the “Sink and Swim” method of teaching.

It is the most ineffective method of instructing another individual that I know of.

Until March of 2017 I spent the past 15 yrs drawing out patterns, shearing and trimming them with metal snips and forming them by hand – parts that were designed to fit on the outside trim of commercial metal buildings.

Such as: Peak Boxes, gutter ends, corner boxes and straps of many different kinds.

Whenever I was required to train someone to help me I always taught them the way I’d want to be trained.

Most of the time they were within my son’s age group (some a little older or younger) whom I’d train the way I’d have taught my own son; or would want someone else to train my son.

Many times I would work twice as hard and ran circles around the individual I was training in order to get the job done; in order to allow them to practice cutting the metal with shears.

A task that is not easy to learn.

Teaching those who worked with me all of the little tricks I was taught and/or learned on my own.

Knowing that once I was able to get them up to my level of performance; they would make my job so much easier.

Making my investment worth the time and effort to mentor those I was training; which also had the advantage of allowing me to pass on my values gained through my own personal experience.

That they could use as tools on the next job they ended up doing that they could then pass along to others as well.

Several times those whom I trained and mentored down through the years told me that I was a good teacher.