The Pivotal Moment

Not long
After the birth of my son
I found

Myself standing
Beside the baby crib in our bedroom
Gazing down at

My son as he lay
Asleep unaware of the argument I’d just
Had with his mom

When the thought
Occurred to me: This is what my mother put
My dad through

At that moment
My heart understood my dad better than
It ever had before

The sympathy for
My mom evaporated from my heart
Never to return

Thirty-six Years Later

Walking through the kitchen door I discover my wife of 36 yrs standing in front of the kitchen sink washing dishes upon my return from work – making someone else rich.

Time had robbed her of her outer beauty no longer is she the willowly nineteen year old Angel my heart fell in love with – married.

Still in my minds eye I see her as she used to be standing there with her back to me; the curves of her hourglass figure clad in her favorite Victoria Secrets silk kimono.

Walking up behind my wife my arms slip around her waist. One hand goes north while the other hand heads south. Sighing ever so softly my wife leans back up against me as I bend over nuzzle her neck with my lips – breathe in her fresh and clean scent.

Until unable to wait any longer I pick her up within my arms; carry her into our bedroom they way I did 36 yrs ago on our wedding night.

As Is Woman So Is Society

The state
Of society reflects the state
Of woman

When she
Is disciplined and knows
Her place

Seeks to fulfill
Her biological role within
The family unit

The outward
Society stabilizes – grows
And florishes

On the other hand:

When woman is
Left undisciplined – forsakes her
Place in the family

Takes on the
Role of a man for which she is
Not designed

Encouraged to
Run wild allowed to rule over
Her husband

Chaos ensues
The outward society begins
To destabilize

Starts to crumble as it
Ever so slowly falls downward into
The trash bin of history