Back and Forth

With our bedroom windows
Facing each other
Instead of watching monster
Movies on Friday
Evenings we stayed up late
Talking to each
Other with our pen flashlights
Flashing messages
Back and forth like twinkling
Stars we shared our
Most intimate secrets no one
Else would ever know
While our clueless biological
Progenitors slept
None the wiser our love grew

Raindrops Softly Falling

What began as a friendly game of Texas Hold Em on a rainy afternoon.

Soon morphed into a game of strip poker just as soon as the box of wooden matches we were using to place bets was emptied.

Only to come to an end when she took me by the hand.

Led me into the private sanctuary of her boudoir; where entwined together underneath the sheets.

Our shared passions burned all the hotter – brighter.

As the lightning flashed across the sky from one horizon to the other.

And thunder roared overhead like civil war cannons upon a blood soaked battlefield.

Together we soared above the storm with our bodies entwined as one.

Fell asleep within each other’s arms mesmerized by the gentle sound of the raindrops; pitter patting upon the roof just above our heads.

Right Next Door

All my heart
Truly wanted was to love
And be loved

In its search for a true

It did not have
To look very far for she lived
Right next door

Having grown up
Together it was all to easy to fall in love
With each other


The Girl Next Door


When the girl
Who lives next door entered
My bedroom

My heart knew
That it was in trouble when she
Locked the door

When she sat down
Next to me on the side of my
Full size bed and

Gazed deeply into my
Sky blue eyes my heart slipped a
Beat began to pound

But when she leaned
Over and planted a kiss upon my
My hungry mouth

At that moment my
Heart knew then that it was in for
An arousing good time

As it surrendered
Willingly to the gentle caresses of her
Sweetest kisses

Which stoked my
Passions into a blazing bonfire
That consumed us