Back and Forth

With our bedroom windows
Facing each other
Instead of watching monster
Movies on Friday
Evenings we stayed up late
Talking to each
Other with our pen flashlights
Flashing messages
Back and forth like twinkling
Stars we shared our
Most intimate secrets no one
Else would ever know
While our clueless biological
Progenitors slept
None the wiser our love grew

An Arousing Dream

Within my mind she
Whirls and twirls like a spinning Arizona
Desert Dust devil

Strewing her clothes all
Around the room baring her womanly beauty
For my blue eyes alone

Within my waiting
Arms she leaps joyfully takes me for a spin
Beneath the sheets

From sunset to dawn she
Makes me oh so glad that I was born a man
Disappears At first light

Raindrops Softly Falling

What began as a friendly game of Texas Hold Em on a rainy afternoon.

Soon morphed into a game of strip poker just as soon as the box of wooden matches we were using to place bets was emptied.

Only to come to an end when she took me by the hand.

Led me into the private sanctuary of her boudoir; where entwined together underneath the sheets.

Our shared passions burned all the hotter – brighter.

As the lightning flashed across the sky from one horizon to the other.

And thunder roared overhead like civil war cannons upon a blood soaked battlefield.

Together we soared above the storm with our bodies entwined as one.

Fell asleep within each other’s arms mesmerized by the gentle sound of the raindrops; pitter patting upon the roof just above our heads.

Right Next Door

All my heart
Truly wanted was to love
And be loved

In its search for a true

It did not have
To look very far for she lived
Right next door

Having grown up
Together it was all to easy to fall in love
With each other


He’ll Hath No Fury Than a Woman Scorned


I had only been waiting about ten minutes within the small lounge of the local pub and 20180311_101422grill that served the small town in which I’d grown up in; only to leave it behind in the dust the day after I’d graduated from high school. Not once had I ever dreamed of returning during my ten year absence; and the only reason I had returned now walked through the door dressed in a skimpy black dress that showed off her perfect hourglass figure.

Camilla looked even better than she did when her husband Rob and I were best friends and ended up competing with each other for her hand in marriage. Of course Rob had won Camilla hands down and I ended up leaving town with my tail between my legs to start a new life elsewhere.

Now that was all about to change.

Once Camilla and I were settled at our table in an out of the way corner of the pub where it was unlikely our conversation would be overheard. She leaned over towards me, after our waiter went to prepare the drinks we’d ordered, and said in a low voice, “You were right I finely caught Rob cheating on me.”

Camilla’s revelation didn’t surprise me in the least since Rob had carried out several affairs during and after the time we’d competed with each other over his current wife who now sat facing me from the other side of the table. I was sorely tempted to say, “I told you so!” Especially since I’d warned her about Rob’s penchant for sleeping around with each and every girl that caught his roaving eye and tickled his fancy – or rather made him hard.

But I didn’t, choosing, instead to remain humble as I asked my former best friend’s wife, “What do you plan to do about it.”

“To start with your going to make love to me!” Camilla answered in a straightforward manner that, quite frankly, took even me by surprise.

Of course her plan was as devious and vengeful as to be expected from a scorned woman. As in: Hell hath no fury then a woman scorned.

It was also quite simple and Rob was going to regret cheating on Camilla.

The first part of her plan included letting me have my way with her right there on top of my former best friends and competitor’s bed.

The second part of her plan (the part that would sting her cheating husband’s heart and knock the breath right out of him) was her decision to go with me when I left town to return home.

For a long moment I just sat there gazing into Camilla’s eyes, when at last she fell silent after outlining her plan of revenge, patiently awaiting my answer.

Finely all I could manage to get out was, “So when do we start?” As my heart began to burn with renewed passion and my face lit up with a smile of victory long deferred and impatiently awaited.

Stolen Kisses


It was on a
Blanket deep within the
Woods where

The red haired
Daughter of mother nature
Let me steal

A kiss from the
Curves of her alluring lips
Quite tempting

Entwined her
Limbs round about me then
Seduced me

The Sweetest Dreams


On the first night
Of each new moon the goddess
Of love comes to me

Takes me within her
Arms – makes love to me all night long
Within the guise of

Another sometimes
She comes to fulfill my each and
Every fantasy

While the stars
Twinkle until at last the sun arises
From its slumber