All the Sooner

Ever since
She left gave her heart
To another

Took her drama
With her my heart has
Been at peace

My nights are
Quiet – undisturbed no
Longer lonely

How my heart
Wishes she’d left all that
Much sooner


The devil is a
Black widow spider who catches
Men in her web

She is a siren who
lures her prey – unwary males upon
The rocks of despair

With a flashy smile a
Bit of cleavage – a shake of her tail
She draws men astray

Casts them aside
When she’s through using them
Takes all they have

Leaves em broken
Hearted – their bank accounts empty
For another fool

The Black Widow

She was a
Black widow spider until the
Day we met

She even tried
To kill me the first time our
Lips touched

Only to meet
Her match when she gazed
Into my eyes

Now she dances
To my tune like a puppet on
A string obeys

My commands for
Her heart, mind and soul belong
To me for all time

Or at least until
My heart grows weary of her
Seeks our another

Then she’ll become
Just another memory – one more
Trophy on my shelf

My Heart’s Only Desire

Stroking a woman’s
Ego and validating her is not my
Mission in life

Never again will
I put a female upon a pedestal nor
Worship her

My heart is
Tired and doesn’t need the hassle
Any longer

It just wants to
Rest enjoy the years left to me in
Peace and quite

Without having to
Deal with a contentious female
Mucking it all up