Believing Her Took My Father’s Life

My father chose
To believe my stepmother thought my
Accusations false

As a result she
Made my life miserable and in the end
My father she

Deliberately murdered
By infecting him with the hepatitis C
Virus – didn’t tell him

With an untimely
Death my father’s faith in her word
Twas rewarded

Why Men Should Always Be Believed

If a woman is to believed just because she is a woman, than logically speaking, a man who accuses a woman of a crime should also be believed simply because he is a man.

Because he accuses she must be guilty and therefore must be punished.

For after all what is good for the goose is good for the gander.


She did her best to
Diminish him and steal his soul – to
Make him her slave

Until the morning he
Gazed into the mirror rediscovered
His cajonies left her

Where she belongs
In the past – the dustbin of his very
Own Personal history

She did her best to
Clip his wings – lock him in a cage
Without her he soars