America’s Shame

The bombs may
no longer burst above in the air
nor bullets wiz
past their head bounce off their helmet
their buddies die

Yet within the
silence of civilian life upon returning
to home sweet home
their minds often are still reeling from
the hammer blows

The war may
have ended in well fought victory
yet all too often
their lives are still spinning out
of their control

Nor are they
to blame for they were but the tool
used by politicians
who sent someone else’s child to
fight their wars

While the names
of our honored dead are enshrined
upon a wall
the walking wounded among us
to our shame

Are still ignored
quite unseen and unheard by those
of us who
were fortunate not to be there
in harms way

Yes indeed the
way we glorify war in movies
and in books
yet fail to provide for our veterans
is an utter shame

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