At first my
Heart was terrified when
My worst

The thing I feared most
Came true

Then became
Angry at the unfairness
Of my destiny

All of my
Hard work having been
For naught

Now my heart
Is resigned to accept its
Fate – move on

To another
Adventure hoping it will
Be better

3 thoughts on “Acceptance

  1. This is a really great post! Very wise response in the end! Since we cannot see the future we cannot know what the Universe has in store for us! So, often it is something better if we will be open to it!! Best Wishes, My Friend!!


    1. Thank you! One bit of good news: I was five days away from being fifty-nine and a half. So they moved up my termination a week so that I would be able to receive 100 % of my grandfathered sick time instead of half.


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