My Own Me Too Story

I personally have no problem with women telling their stories. But I do have a big problem when a woman makes a public accusation without any evidence to back it up.

I personally know what it is like to be falsely accused:

My dad’s third wife falsely accused me of looking at her daughter with the desire to sleep with her; right after my son was born in an attempt that failed to drive a wedge between my wife and I.

She falsely accused my middle brother of molesting her son and convinced my dad to force him into the mental ward of a hospital where he was vindicated.

She also falsely accused my youngest brother of raping her daughter after he joined the Navy. During a phone call she threatened to have him charged with rape. Which would have destroyed my brothers navel career and as a result of the stress he became suicidal and was forced to seek counseling.

During my dad’s second marriage my first stepmother physically, emotionally and mentally abused me. My dad refused to believe me when the abuse occurred and finely discovered that I was telling the truth many years later.

But only after she managed to infect him with the hepatitis C virus. When she walked back into his life after his third wife divorced him and convinced him to take her back.

As a result the virus destroyed his liver resulting in his untimely death at fifty-six years old.

My youngest brother, the offspring of my mother’s second marriage, committed suicide after receiving a phone call from a women. Who worked with his wife claiming that his wife was having an affair with another co-worker.

At the time he was unknowingly taking a medication that carried a risk of suicide as a side effect. And was separated from his wife at the time. This phone call also came a year after he was forced to give up his parental rights to his daughter and adopted son. After his daughter told him that she would have no problem with telling a judge he had hit her even though he’d never once abused her.

That phone call was the last straw that broke the camel’s back and threw him over the edge.

Even worse the day he received that phone call was Thanksgiving day.

Public accusations of rape, sexual harassment and sexual misconduct without any evidence to back them up. Are a form of rape themselves and are just as devastating and damaging to the men falsely accused as rape is to a woman.

If we as a society are going to be required to believe a woman simply because of her sex. Than it is just as logical to require our society to believe a man just because he said it happened.

In that kind of society no one is safe and is only an accusation away from social ruin.

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