An All To Familiar Narrative

Today’s Democrats are pursuing the same type of strategy both of my stepmother’s used against my brother’s and I when my dad was married to them.

Just as the Democrats, whose minds have been infected and corrupted with the intellectual virus of feminism, who insist that a woman’s accusations of sexual misconduct against a male should be believed – simply because she is a woman and women never lie about sexual harassment and rape.

My dad could never see through the lies told to him by both of my stepmother’s; which led to years of estrangement from my father that affected not only myself but my two younger brothers as well.

In the end his naivete towards my stepmothers, which mirrors the same naivete towards the feminine gender of male Democrats, led to my dad’s financial destruction and his untimely death at the hands of both of these despicable women.

Just as both of my stepmother’s eventually turned against my dad when it suited them to do so. By the time all is said and done the women in the Democratic party will turn against their unwitting male allies both political and in the media.

When it suits them they will stop ignoring the male sexual predators among them and turn against them enmass. Nor will the feminists stop with the guilty but will destroy the lives and careers of their innocent male allies as well.

For the current feminist narrative is that women are innocent and can do no wrong on the one hand. While on the other hand all men are evil predators who should just shut up and go away.

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