Bringing About Their Own Worst Nightmare

Ever since the election of Reagan Republicans have doubled down on empowering corporations while deliberately disenfranchising the American worker. As well as sabotaging social security and the safety nets created to protect the elderly and workers from the excesses of capitalism.

As a result of Republicans intentional forgetting of the conditions created by the Aristocrats of France that led to the French Revolution and the reign of terror.

Along with the conditions created by the Aristocrats of Russia that led to the Bolshevik Revolution, the purging of the ruling family and the rise of Soviet Russia.

Their deliberate attacks and sabotaging of the reforms put in place by President Roosevelt during the Great Depression. Along with their collusion with the financial and manufacturing interests in the steady increase of corporate profits; as a result of the deliberate impovishing by the suppression of the wages of the working class.

The Republicans have brought about the very conditions; that have resulted in the rise of Socialism within the democratic party.

To put it bluntly the conservative economic policies championed by Republicans on behalf of wall street and the one percent. Are effectively bringing about their worst nightmare:

The fall of the Democratic American Republic and the rise of the Socialist States of America.

4 thoughts on “Bringing About Their Own Worst Nightmare

  1. At most they’re just bringing the enemy into the open and drawing them into a set of situations that will finally enable the actual American people to exterminate them en mass…well, except for a few of their more attractive females who will be kept for breeding purposes. 😉


      1. Perhaps, but so what? We’re called such anyway, along with a host of other insults, any time we disagree with the liberals’ agenda. What’s the point of not using that to ensure our nation’s victory and our domestic enemies utter destruction?

        We’re already “doing the time” so what we do now cannot be a crime.


      2. Jonolan you and your fellow conservive Republicans can lie to yourselves all you want. Indeed the one thing conservatives and liberals have in common is their reliance on the deplorable ignorance of the common voter.


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