Mister Nice Guy Bites the Dust

Last Wednesday my mother’s 9th partner and my 8th stepfather passed away and his funeral was held on Friday – my 59th birthday.

That’s right I spent my 59th birthday attending my stepfather’s funeral and meeting 2 of his 3 children for the first time.

The funeral service was held on the north side of Atlanta (Georgia), his burial was on the south side of Atlanta in the same cemetery where my father and his mother are buried.

My wife and I live approximately 40 miles west of Atlanta towards Alabama.

It is also the day I buried the Mr. Nice Guy inside of me.

During the visitation my wife went into her whiny little girl mode; so instead of attempting to appease her I put her over my knees and gave her a well deserved spanking.

Without putting a single finger on her!

I simply got up out of the chair I was sitting in next to her, turned my back on her and walked out.

After 20 minutes or so upon my return I deliberately ignored her and talked to other people.

That shut her down – at least until after the service and we were back in our car for the ride to the cemetery.

Even then I continued to ignore her complaints about needing to go to the bathroom.

After all she could have been proactive and got out of the car, while we were waiting and while I was talking to my nephew and his wife, and gone to the bathroom.

It’s not like I would have driven off and left her behind.

One of my younger brothers tried to pull a dominance game on me as well by trying to take my hat off while I was talking to one of my mother’s friends – as he informed me that I wasn’t supposed to wear my hat inside.

My response was to prevent him from removing my hat and deflecting his attempt to embarrass me; by asserting my authority as his older brother by ordering him in no uncertain terms to go sit in the chair next to my wife and keep her company.

All without raising my voice.

He was so surprised he actually obeyed my command.

Later he tried crooking his finger at me while he was standing next to our younger brother – so I ignored him. If he wanted to talk to me he could have walked over to where I was standing and engaged me in conversation.

I actually like to be nice and kind to others but I’ve gotten so tired and fed up of being walked on by others for my troubles that it is time to let go of mister nice guy.

Good Riddance!

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