What makes you think he needs to be saved?

Perhaps he’s better off!

It Seemed Important at the Time...

He had a habit of

Always believing in

The things that she said

While she was leaving him

He just couldn’t see

The forest for the trees

Everything’s perfect,

Couldn’t be better,

They both were happy,

She wrote him a letter

Just like that they were through,

Somehow he never knew

Who’s gonna save him now he’s alone?


Day 4

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7 thoughts on “Habit

    1. I always read as written in order to determine intent.

      All to often the average woman (feminists especially) complain about men when they really need to take a good look at themselves in the mirror.

      Besides both Vanity and Cognitive Dissonance are overwhelmingly feminine character traits.


      1. What’s astounding is your misandry – hatred of men – for the record I do not hate women. But I do hate the ideology of feminism which has always been and will be always based on outright lies.


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