The Edge of Eden

A Lesson Still Unlearned

All for a bite of
The forbidden fruit – their lovely garden
Was lost forfeited

Still their sons and
Daughters too have yet to learn their first
Parents painful lesson

For the forbidden fruit
Still tempts their children’s feet to leave the
Path leads them ever

Downward straight
Into the flames of a broken heart pinning
For a love so untrue

A Writer's Soul

Its funny how love songs seem to dictate how we should feel,
How the lyrics sing to our broken hearts and its melody sways us,
Letting us feel things that connect us and ground us to other broken hearts.
Not broken enough to have flat lined, stuck forever in a rhythmic cycle
Left to stagger the edge of insanity and death.
Helpless to the sad stories, we cling to those hearts that mirror our own,
Wrapped in the familiarity of the damage that speaks to us.
I could use a song that has the right answers.
That tells me the path I should take on this convoluted love,
When I’m tired and exhausted of talking about a thing that never seemed to exist.
When I can’t seem to find me way out of my own doubt and self made misery,
A song that could let me know everything is the…

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