13 thoughts on “Sometimes Its…

      1. Not sure how the conversation veered from discussing how our week was going into my flirting with Miss N. But I will be happy to share my thoughts.

        Perhaps, our flirting does bothers them. But I have been flirting with women since I was a kid. I guess that is part of my charm. And on a recent post I said I would stop it. Perhaps you missed that post. Although, I do have every intention to continue showering N. with the attention and admiration that she deserves.

        If any of my followrers or N’s followers are truly bothered by it, they should unfollow me and/or her. And better yet, they need to live their own lives and not worry about mine or Miss N. None of us are God to be judging anyone,

        Since you know her well, you already know N. is a brilliant woman with a brilliant mind, not only in her writing, but much more intelligent than the average woman. The decision of flirting with me or not, is really up to her.

        And I believe that she likes it. I cherish it.
        So my followers simply need to click unfollow.

        Enough about my life with the greatest poet in WP. She is happy. I am happy. An that is the only thing that matters.

        Life is too short to be envious, jealous, or to hate or judge. I certainly don’t waste my time like that.

        Have a great end of the week and weekend. Good talking got you as always.

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      2. Don’t stop flirting because others don’t like it.

        Just zap the hateful comments and put the persistent one’s in the blacklist box; their comments will go straight to the trash which means you won’t even see their comments unless you deliberately go into the trash.

        Whatever you do don’t respond to them publically after zapping them because when you do it leaves holes in the comment thread and makes people like me wonder what was said that was so terrible.

        And don’t post about getting hateful comments as its best to act like nothing is going on.

        Eventually when they realize they aren’t getting the satisfaction of getting your goat they’ll move on to someone else.

        That said with all the posts I’ve put up about women and feminists I’ve yet to get one hateful comment.

        Which is why I don’t understand why people are attacking you and Nan for flirting.


      3. Oh, the thing is Nan is receiving hateful comments emails. Some of the comments are racial slurs. And one person has posted horrible posts about Nan and even used one of her pics. Really has me frustrated. I Reported the person to WordPress. Didn’t mean to rant at you. Just upset with people. Nan doesn’ t deserve it.

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      4. That’s ok I can understand your frustration.

        Years ago I put my picture on my anti feminist blog so feminists could download it, draw a bullseye on it and throw darts at it.

        One woman actually posted it on her blog and told her readers that I was dangerous.

        I never have understood the racial thing myself.

        To me a woman is a woman no matter her race, color or nationality.

        If she’s attractive available and willing then so am I – that is if I weren’t married already.


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