It’s Not Easy Being A Poet

It’s not easy being a poet these days
especially one who suffers from depression
overly sensitive to the ups and downs of life
to soar like an eagle one moment
plunge into the valley of despair the next
whose family out right ignores and despises
intentionally misconstrues what you say and do
doesn’t care or even tries to understand

It’s not easy being a poet these days
when your wife insistently demands the right
to tell you what you can read, write and watch on tv
tries to control the very thoughts within your head
when your so called friends come and go
like the sun and moon on a cloudy day and night
here one moment when they need something
gone the next until they need or want something else

It’s not easy being a poet these days
whose coworkers all say that your feminine and gay
because in your heart you care, can feel another’s pain
like to read and write instead of watching sports
can’t stand the taste or smell of beer and alcohol
to contemplate the intricacies of life
while that very life seems to pass you by unnoticed
to be an observer standing alone on the sidelines

It’s not easy being a poet these days
to comprehend that which others refuse to see and hear
yet in spite of all the condemnations, false accusations
the awful loneliness and the cruel and heartless teasing
not a single thing would I be tempted to change
for nor longer do I write just for my contemporaries
but for those who shall come after me
who will read my words long after I’m dead and gone

For I Am DaPoet and A Poet I Shall Always Be!


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