Banging My Head Against A Wall

Talking to my wife like talking to my parents
is like banging my head up against a wall
why I even keep on trying to explain myself
is beyond my own comprehension

How I wish that instead of getting married
the dreams of my youth I’d followed
how hopelessly trapped I can’t help but feel
a prisoner of someone’s else’s dreams

To keep from losing my only child and son
have I paid too high a price
my marriage now doomed to dissolution
no longer do I have the will to save

How sad but true in this day and age
to keep from being controlled
told what I can and can not say or do
away from women forever I must stay

Doomed to live and die alone
no longer do I care anymore
give me liberty or give me death
Patrick Henry once demanded

Perhaps when at last I’m gone
my wife and family will then care
nope not a snowballs chance in hell
what they can’t get from me they’ll mourn

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