No Longer Afraid of Being Alone

For as long as I can remember
of being alone I’ve been afraid
to avoid ending up alone and lonely
is why I married and started a family

Even after twenty-four years of marriage
my wife still doesn’t understand me
no longer do I think that she ever will
if she ever does no longer do I care

Growing up in a blended family many times over
alone I always was and learned to be
not once was I ever understood
nor did those around me ever really try

With my childhood in such utter chaos
the result of my parents immature choices
kept off balance by abuse and depression
until sixteen my world just kept spinning

From state to state and town to town
my parents kept us moving
so from school to school did I hop
that even now my friendships don’t last

Now that over the hill I am
of this I’ve come to accept and embrace
my life shall always be very lonely
for a loner truly I am and will always be

No longer do I seek the acceptance of others
for without a single doubt
they’ll only see what they want to see
the acceptance and understanding I crave

From within myself I’ll just have to make do
alone with my dreams and fantasies
the books and movies upon my book shelves
and my best friend the computer upon my desk

9 thoughts on “No Longer Afraid of Being Alone

  1. This probably doesn’t count as much and I know merely saying this doesn’t cure anything, but you’re not alone. Not here. Keep writing and keep sharing and we’ll all be here, waiting for yet another lovely piece of your art work. 🙂

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  2. I had similar situations growing up. It took me 30 some year’s to grow out of my loneliness. It took me moving into my own place that I started to grow up in my mind. I learned how to love myself and to expect others point of view’s of me. I have learned too that life isn’t about me. It’s about everything else around me. Once I started noticing life as being change and slow decay, I started making better choices. I stopped judging everything and allowed it to flow naturally. Also I have learned I was never a lonely person, I am a seeker of company. That’s why I felt so lonely when I was younger. I was being held back because of other people also because I was a child. Now life is happier and smoother. I have more friends and family then I ever did before. I grew into life and made it mine. I hope you find your way through this murky life we live. Just try to remember that if you look to your side and take notice of that life, you will probably notice that it moves in ways that you have no control over but you do have a choice on how you move in it. Be bold and strong and please keep writing.


    1. Cool beans! I used to call myself DaPoet because I love to write poetry.

      Dabir is Arabic and means tutor or recorder…

      Dalton is Welsh and means village…it is also the name of a town I lived in with my dad…

      Put together Dabir Dalton means the village poet or as some may say the village idiot.


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      1. Your welcome. My grandfather once told me I was a perfect nuisance when I informed him that I was as perfect as one could get without actually being perfect. 🙂


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