Dear Mother

All my life I’ve both loved and hated you
loved you for after all you are my mother
hated you for being forced to suffer innocently
the consequences of your immature choices

Yet even though I would not forgive you
always I’ve tried to treat you as if I had
by being there when you needed me
refusing to walk away in spite of the pain

At the time you asked me to forgive you
I could not, would not even consider doing so
the pain your choices caused
still I can not and will not ever forget

To forgive is Devine and I’m no saint
yet today I’m struggling to forgive you
the pain is part of who I am
to forget would be to deny who I am

Yet the pain has helped me to grow
the rain has stopped, the storm is past, the darkness lifted
though peace I’ve yet to find
today with you to terms I’ve come at last

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