Many years ago
when my heart was young and defenseless
you did your
level best to both torment and destroy me
stole my childhood

With your words
you belittled me and wounded my spirit
with your lies
you tried to destroy my relationship with
my father

Years later after
you divorced my dad you showed up back
on his doorstep
manipulated him into taking you back into
his and our lives

Stole my dad
away from me and my brothers by
giving him a
an std infection that destroyed his liver
took his life

How you manage
to look at yourself in the mirror
is beyond me – your
claim that Jesus lives in your heart
was an outright lie

My only regret
is that my heart never thought to
take your life
put a bullet in your brain – a knife in
your black heart

Perhaps my dad
would still be alive if my fingers had
taken you out of
the picture put you in a well deserved
early grave

But then that
would only have made me just like you
handed you
the victory on a silver platter destroyed
my future

All my heart
can do is go on living – wait patiently for
the moment when at
last on judgement day you will pay dearly
for your crimes

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