Feminism’s Destiny

Across this once bright land
a cloud of darkness has spread
casting a shadow upon the hearts of men
it’s goal the enslavement of men everywhere

Shamed into silent submission
lashed without mercy by feminisms tongue
ignoring their smoldering rage
men retreat to an early grave*

Whining and complaining for many years
too busy declaring themselves victims
to search within themselves and discover
how feminism has oppressed the male gender

Like noxious weeds within a garden
springing forth within the midst
of harmless flowers sweet and lovely
seeking to choke out the voice of reason

Sending forth their seeds of death
to take root throughout the land
declaring war upon all men
even as their children divide and conquer

Poisoning the hearts and souls of men
this once great country stumbles to its knees
for the results of feminism’s evil fruit
in the end shall destroy us one and all

When at last that sad day arrives
through tear filled eyes of happiness
gazing upon the ashes of this once lovely world
there will be nobody else to blame but themselves

*This refers to the sharp increase in male suicide as the ideology of feminism embraced by society as a whole; allows women to destroy their husbands alone with other men in their lives at will through divorce and false accusations of domestic violence, rape and sexual harassment.

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