The True Face of Gender Equality

Men are
Supposed to stay strong
And silent

Even when
Their legs are being cut
Out from

Beneath them
Inch by bloody inch by life’s
Pruning knife

Yet everyone
Runs to rescue a woman who
Breaks a nail

They’ll hug
Her and make her well
Even as they

Walk by the
Man cut down lying within
His own blood

Unfortunately this is indeed what true gender equality looks like; and it is exactly what the feminists wanted in the first place.

One thought on “The True Face of Gender Equality

  1. You are right that feminism in some ways has gone towards extreme…not all men are bad to be treated badly, and not all women are good. There are goods and bads in both sides.
    But it’s also a reality…that women today suffer far more then men…because of men…
    Sorry but it’s a fact, and yes you too are right in your opinion.


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