It Only Takes a Moment

Every day
It’s a struggle to keep
From crying

Yet I
Dare not do anything

Will reduce
The empathy – compassion in
My heart

For if
I do vindictive will I

No one
Sees the monster inside
Of me

Fully understands
Just what it is capable of doing if
Allowed to run wild

This is
Why I don’t own a gun or

For only
Anger intensely burning

Can override
My empathy and compassion
For a time

Yet it only
Takes a moment to destroy

11 thoughts on “It Only Takes a Moment

      1. LOL Now if I could only breathe! πŸ™‚ Am so not looking forward to pollen season which looks to come early this year. BTW Do you know who George Feyer concert pianist is – actually was he’s dead now?

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