I sit
Here crying as I write

How could
My life have gone
So wrong

I really
Don’t know how to
Fix it

Unlike my
Mother I can’t cut my losses
And run

I can
Not fix it all by

I’m the
One who has to shoulder the

Forced to
Meet my wife’s every

Even though
She refuses to meet
My needs

Small wonder
That it took going onto
The internet

To find
A measure of comfort
Yet if

My wife
Knew she would take that

From me
As well – as she has in
The past

20 thoughts on “Crying

      1. Or you can find a way out! Where there’s a will, there’s a way, Dabir! If we all would give up, whenever life will make a turn, that’d be not in our favor, we’ll never grow! Make yourself stronger and find a way! You can! 🙂

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      2. It’ll never be easy! Never! But if you have been true to yourself, and have done nothing wrong, it’ll all be fine! Don’t you worry! Nut never wish to die, for it’d just made you live for longer!

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      3. This will be resolved in just over a year when I turn 60 even if I have to pull the trigger myself. I simply will not spend the twilight years of my life the way I’ve been forced to live the first 60 yrs. Far better to rest in peace.


      4. Don’t give up! You’d like to be remembered as a coward, or someone who fought for what’s right and won? Don’t give up! It’s never an option!


      5. I didn’t ask to be born.

        I didn’t sign up to a job or a lazerous.

        I simply do not wish to spend an eternity with someone who has used me as a pawn in the game of life.


      6. If I had the money to survive a divorce I would indeed get out. I’ve seen too many go down for the count under the onslaught of a vindictive ex wife and family court system that will do her bidding right or wrong.


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